My Name Is Bruce

My Name Is Bruce

B Movie Legend Bruce Campbell is mistaken for his character Ash from the Evil Dead trilogy and forced to fight a real monster in a small town in Oregon.

My Name Is Bruce is a 2007 American comedy film written by Mark Verheiden. It tells the story of B Movie Legend Bruce Campbell being mistaken for his character Ash from the Evil Dead trilogy and forced to fight a real monster in a small town in Oregon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alessandro C (gb) wrote: outstanding performance

Keith C (jp) wrote: The first hour is engaging, but it loses a lot of momentum in the midst of those ridiculous sex scenes that it never quite gains back.

Emma B (gb) wrote: wankiest movie i've seen, terrible.

Brandon W (ru) wrote: Where do I begin? When the trailer for this film came out, I was extremely pumped. It came from the team behind the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and looked like a badass western film. What sad is that this film has all the tools for success. It takes place in the lawless frontier, it has a great cast and some of the action set-pieces, especially the climax, is so well choreographed and exciting. The problem lies in the story and characters. With a western like this, especially a Disney one, you don't need this super complex story that is over 2 hours long for it to be interesting Although, if you do want to have a super epic complex story, you better have some dynamic characters... this film does not. I love Armie Hammer and I love Johnny Depp, but they have little to no chemistry together and their comedic chops are extremely lacking. With the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann all worked well together because they all had enough screen-time to build character and empathy with the audience. Here, I cannot even tell "the girl's" name in this film. Hell, I couldn't tell you anybody's name other than Tonto. That is a really bad sign that you don't even remember the main character's name. He is supposed to be this badass "Lone Ranger" but instead, we get a wimp who doesn't believe in shooting guns... Okay, who was the studio executive to let that one slide? Overall, it's watchable. For anything, admire it for its locations, production design and action set-pieces. Unfortunately, that is not enough to hold most people over. People want to like and remember the characters in their movies and we didn't get any here.

Deontae M (gb) wrote: wanna see this so bad

Marko Z (es) wrote: Squandered potential that comes of as pretentious and boring; and none of that should be combined with the absolutely terrible direction by Tony Scott, I mean this movie just looks outright ugly!

Angie L (us) wrote: It was difficult to understand this kind of gender. Most of the film was boring and slow. I didn't like the story.

Wita T (de) wrote: very stupid but also very funy

Pablo V (jp) wrote: Jesus of Montreal is a thoroughly inventive film that is built on the interesting and wholeheartedly creative premise of a group of theatre actors in Montreal trying to put together an artistic and thought provoking depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus. While an interesting premise is often not enought to carry a film, it greatly enhances the films individuality and can make it more of an experience to the viewer. However, when a great premise is supported by equaly enticing writting and acting as this film is, it seperates a good film from a great one. Other unique elements used in this film include the spectacular set designs which are a form of art in themselves, as well as the utilization of the beautiful architecture and landmarks that define Montreal as a city. Moreover, the camera movements are solidly excecuted and the cinamatography compliments the setting and story very concretely. A diverse blend of comedy and satire mixed with moments of profound social commentary and realistic character arks only adds to the well roundedness of this film, especially in an era when film was struggling to maintain consistency in quality and inovation. A wonderful art film and certainly one of the finest French Canadian films I've seen to date, highly enjoyable and highly recomended for all audiences.

Debbie W (nl) wrote: Yes it's very hokey but there's also something very magical about this film. It's a bit of fluff but oh so much fun.

Richard S (jp) wrote: This gets 4 stars for sheer camp value; and almost entirely for one amazing take of a stabbing interrupted - a glance at the door, a glance at the upheld knife, and a glance at the intended victim. William Castle at his most contrived and fun.

Jo Y (nl) wrote: How did I miss this Movie?

Emily L (fr) wrote: While I love this movie, it can be painful to watch.

Ian C (it) wrote: One of my favourites from Carpenter. Two fight between David and Piper is the greatest in the history of cinema. Loads of cheesy one liners and a great critique of capitalism.