My Other Mother

My Other Mother

When gruff and independent Candy meets her angry and stubborn birth mother, can the two open their hearts to each other?

When gruff and independent Candy meets her angry and stubborn birth mother, can the two open their hearts to each other? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Georgina S (kr) wrote: Good acting and I really liked the twist but it wasn't quite enough for me. I didn't feel connected enough to the characters and would have liked a little more from the story

Rob A (fr) wrote: On the border of getting a 3 out of 5 from me. Ok film, with a great ending!

Barry T (us) wrote: Rather silly but very watchable rom com with a mixed bunch in the cast. Vinnie Jons always plays the same character. Katherine McPhee is noi leading lady but Dave anable is rather fun. Nice to see Suvari in a comic role.

Paul T (au) wrote: great movie a bit corny in places but still great

chelsey w (kr) wrote: This movie is alright i guess...i mean the ending was stupid and the effects were terrrible

August S (nl) wrote: Besides the fact that it is truly a scary movie, and holds one of the most brutal deaths I've seen. I guess what really makes this a great horror is Famke Janssen's stellar performance as the ex-convict battered wife.

Andy C (ru) wrote: I was expecting an action movie but it turned out to be drama. A bit disappointed but it's still pretty good although the story is like "another same old similar story".

Hugh R (ru) wrote: It has been a very long time since a newer comedy movie actually made me laugh. I can think of precious few with the exception of the new 2011's "The Muppets." So, it was with low expectations yet high hopes that I sat down to watch "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone". Ladies and gentlemen, laughter was achieved.Young Albert is a loser. He is beaten up and made to eat bark not sixty seconds after we meet him. His mother is never home and he has to bake is own tenth birthday cake. His only outlet is a Rance Holloway Magic Set. He soon meets Anthony, another outcast who, according to doctors is "dangerously close to being a girl". Through the years their friendship and love of magic grows until they become "The Incredible Burt and Anton" working their way up the magician's ranks around the world. Burt is soon contracted to Bally's Casino in Las Vegas and Burt agrees but only as long as Anton comes too. "We are a team. Always have been always will be."Cut to a decade later and the "magic" is gone. Burt and Anton have done the same exact show every night for ten years. Burt (Steve Carrell) has become a petulant prima donna who abuses his friend and only cares about getting the show over with so he can sleep with an audience member. Anton (Steve Buscemi) tries to go with the flow, but Burt keeps firing assistants. "That's the second one this month!" Anton complains.Enter Steve Gray (Jim Carrey) a street magician and Criss Angel clone with a cable T.V. show "Brain Rapist". He's new and exciting, never mind that he doesn't do any actual magic tricks. "He just mumbles and cuts himself. My niece does that", Burt scoffs. But that doesn't matter to casino owner Doug (James Gandolfini). "You guys are doing the same [crap] as when I hired you." He wants something new.From here the plot is pretty standard. The duo breaks up, a romantic interest is introduced, and Steve Gray taunts them at every turn. But here's the thing. It doesn't feel stale. Yes, the notes are all there, but they are played with a lighter touch. The dialogue is witty instead of mechanical and the sentimentality is far less forced. The actors play their roles with a gusto rarely seen in this age of cookie cutter comedies and the typical beats are measured out to a different timing than we are used to. Will Steve Gray get his comeuppance? Will Burt and Anton change, grow, forgive, and rejoin forces to get the "big gig"? Will the two romantic leads get together in the end? We know the answers, but the way the movie gets us there is refreshing and humorous. The ending itself is slapstick of the highest order, changing the tone of the final triumph completely and in the best way possible.Hands down some of the best moments belong to Alan Arkin as Rance Holloway. Watching him in the previews for this movie I read his character one way, but in the movie he is a different animal altogether and they are both equally side splitting. Alan Arkin is a master of dry humor and with little to no perceivable effort he can change a line from self-deprecating to a barb at his co-star without changing a word.As a final word about the actors, this is the funniest I have seen some of these actors in a very long time. Carrey, Carrell, and Buscemi have returned to quality comedy with this offering and I hope they do not go back to the dim witted sentimental schlock we saw from them in other stages of their respective careers. I'm looking at you, "Mr. Popper's Penguins"."The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" is not perfect. It may push a couple of its jokes a trifle too far, but this movie was obviously made with an eye on quality and laughs rather than pumping out a quick product of dubious entertainment value. If I had to have a complaint it would be that some of the CG is pretty cheap, but honestly the material was so good I found myself forgiving the obvious effects. Modesty aside, I wanted to watch it again as soon as it was over. Now, that's an impressive trick.

Jaimi M (gb) wrote: not the cup of tea for a gory horror movie lover. satisfies the in between person for a thrill. Raviv Ullman delivers in this performance, breaking from the disney completely and very successfully.

Corinne S (us) wrote: I loved watching this film, but it made me sad in the end I don't like being left in the dark about what happens to a character...I'd suggest it.

Hugh P (br) wrote: Just plain crazy funny

Joe A (it) wrote: Very funny story of the night the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan show and these kids were trying to get tickets.

Bob V (br) wrote: First of a whole series of Nazi exploitation films, centring on a voluptuous sadistic female concentration camp commander (said to be " VERY loosely " based on Ilse Koch). The plot, such as it is, follows Ilsa in her horrendous experiments on Jewish women through whom she intends to prove that women under the right circumstances can be tougher and more resilient than any man. In between these noble scientific aspirations she regularly screws male prisoners to the point of exhaustion, and then castrates them for their inability to satisfy her ample lusts. Though a lot of its original shock and awe has dissipated over the decades, Ilsa still packs a punch and is understandably a cult film and a well known proponent of the Exploitation genre. It is also uniquely a product of its time and I doubt it could ever be remade effectively, except maybe by Quentin Tarantino. Fascinating, though ultimately there is little substance beyond Kommandant Ilsa(TM)s overstrained bustiers.

Eric R (ca) wrote: A young man, Franz, has just been released from prison for his crimes. We aren't told how long he was inside or for what exactly, but it appears to be for petty crimes. Franz goes and reunites with his his bar singer girlfriend, brother, and other friends. The police keep a close eye on him, and after his brother is murdered, Franz is the key suspect. Franz is a very quiet individual who doesn't seem to have any real ambition. He has girls practically falling over him and he shows little interest. He seems to reject conforming to society so he resorts to crimes as an escape. Fassbinder's Gods Of The Plague is an interesting character piece about a man who has no interest in participating in society as we know it. It's shot in high contrast black and white with moody lighting which is very film noir-like. It definitely has a lot of things going for it, but it's one of Fassbinders slower, less interesting works both in theme and style.

Valerie M (gb) wrote: I didn't care for the Stephanie/John storyline, but every minute Fred and/or Ginger were on was magical. I loved how they seemed just like old pals and let someone else have the romantic tension for once. Irene Dunne spent far too much time singing, though. Great dancing by Astaire and Rogers, though. Not all that bad.

Supes S (jp) wrote: Raiders of the Lost Ark remains of the best classic film, ever. Great music, amazing script, great characters, amazing sound design, and overall a classic masterpiece.

janine p (gb) wrote: this magical mini movie is great!