My Own Swordsman

My Own Swordsman

After an eighty episode run on mainland Chinese television, Shang Jing's popular kung fu comedy makes the jump to the big screen with this feature version.

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Paul D (es) wrote: Sigh, the stuff I sit through just to support Smallville Alumni! Not a great film by any means. The dialog was poor, you get to see some of the worst acting Denise Richards has ever done (and that is saying something), and overall the story just isn't that funny. There are a few good moments given by James Belushi, but that is about it.

Andy P (br) wrote: I musn't let my admiration for the man sway my opine of the documentary. While historically fascinating, it didn't seem to capture the intensity of the man, nor his mission. Could there be a film in the future that brings the danger of his faith to the forefront?

peter g (gb) wrote: i saw this the first time in 1991 lol (18 yrsold) lol thought it was great just watched it again the lamest film i've seen so fake and am going to kill you and piss but hey it was good at time tho lol

Timothy M (ca) wrote: Wonderfully unhinged film, and very unusual for Altman, who specializes in being more of a distant observer to the proceedings in his films (what with his long lenses and all that). This is very intimate, compared to his other stuff - even moreso than [i]Secret Honor[/i] or [i]3 Women[/i]. I don't quite like it as much as those films, though - they offered a bit more to chew on, but this is nonetheless impressive, with masterful cinematography from the always great Vilmos Zsigmond, and a decidedly atypical score John Williams score. Possibly Susannah York's finest performance - most certainly her most daring.

Byron B (de) wrote: nominated for best foreign film at the oscars

Mark H (nl) wrote: Truly an art house film, but an interesting representation of Spanish 1950's cinema. Director J.A. Bardem is Javier Bardem's uncle.

Walter M (mx) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]In "Repast", Michiyo(Setsuko Hara), a housewife, lives in a suburb of Osaka, with her husband of five years, Hatsunosuke(Ken Uehara), a stockbroker. They were married in Tokyo and moved to Osaka two years later, following a job transfer. One day, their neice, Satoko(Yukiko Shimazaki), shows up on their doorstep unannounced from Tokyo, apparently trying to put some distance between her and her strict father. All through this, Michiyo feels rather dissatisfied with the way things are going in her life.[/font][font=Century Gothic]Directed by Mikio Naruse, "Repast" is a glimpse into postwar Japan when social mobility was just starting to become more commonplace, even if the economy was stagnant with high unemployment. The main conflict in the movie is between modern and traditional attitudes. An episodic, meandering style definitely lessens any impact it might otherwise have had.[/font]

Karen E (au) wrote: This movie was a great transition for me into Ozu's work. I was captivated by the simplicity of the scenes, and all the subtle hints at the bigger picture of the film. It's truly poetry on the screen. The movie was extremely well shot, and the characters were fun and very believable. The actress that played Noriko was my favourite.

Greg W (it) wrote: even though Capra remade this pic with Bette Davis i still prefer this first version