My Own True Love

My Own True Love

Following World War II, a woman tries to help her fiance understand his son's traumatic experience as a G.I., during which he lost a leg and was imprisoned in a Japanese POW camp.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1949
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Following World War II, a woman tries to help her fiance understand his son's traumatic experience as a G.I., during which he lost a leg and was imprisoned in a Japanese POW camp. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil P (fr) wrote: Unfunny. Unbelievable. Unimaginative. Unwatchable. The half star is for the trailer, which gave the erroneous impression that the movie was going to be funny & interesting.

Will L (kr) wrote: A goofy, gory and inspired parody of both old fashioned creature features and 80's slasher movies; 'Zombeavers' is exactly what it promises to be. It winks at familiar genre tropes while letting its own unique brand of strangeness shine.

Tor M (ru) wrote: An mysterious film that's hard to describe. It's playing with your mind in a way and I really like that. It will let many invisible question marks circle over your head - this film is not easy to understand at first. I don't like the story so much, the plot, but i like the idea though - the person-stand in thing. Also the leads alturism is fascinating, she deliver well.Just as weird, but not so pretty as the great film "Dogtooth". The smart surrealness, I really miss it. At times I really like the film - sometimes it's very good, I can relate to feelings, quiestions or especially their wonderings or said thaughts. Then it take another turn, fast. It's very up and down so the good groove is killed by poorer solutions. I must say that I liked the ending, it's last ten minutes are very good and partly saves it from a disappointing movie experience.

Nick P (ru) wrote: An insult to all horror films, even the bad ones, this one was undoubtedly awful. Its unnecessary, pointless, ridiculous, poorly acted and just downright NOT scary. In fact, I was laughing at some parts of the film that were supposed to be the "scariest". The worst part about this was the abrupt ending that was just a big "F YOU" to the audience. This is probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen and the top 3 worst horror movies ever.

Ionn M (kr) wrote: Samuel L. Jackson. That was really enough for me to go for this DVD in the first place. Stellan Skarsgrd and Milla Jovovich were nice bonuses. Jackson is Jackson and works very well in pictures like this. Skarsgrd as an actor has a disposition that works very well with thrillers. Jovovich has proved herself in thrillers and action movies before, and as a former super-model she's easy on the eye. So, what about the story? Well, it started out slow but gained some momentum after the first turn. The story had enough twists and turns to keep it sort of interesting, but the kudos actually goes to the actors for doing what they did with what they had to work with, if you catch my drift (the story wasn't THAT good). Not much can be said about the photo and cutting as it was average work for this kind of movie. In short; this is a movie with a less than average story, but with actors working their asses off to bump it up to average. 3 stars out of 5

Dave N (ca) wrote: a strange Billy Budd depiction: all testosterone and disco. it doesn't put any effort into explaining itself, but its landscapes are unbelievable . What beat me up was the incredibly slow pacing. I get it, the dudes are ironing shirts; should this scene be 18 minutes?

Ryan C (gb) wrote: watched it for hogan but was let down

Julia G (au) wrote: Loved Benji as a kid; now M'Shia does!

Ryan V (ru) wrote: This is far from high art. And it makes any Friday the 13th look like Hitchcockian exercises in suspense by comparison. But the cheese, gore, and an admittedly eerie setting make it enjoyable. Bad but enjoyable. The final few minutes are really odd.

Michael B (au) wrote: This has to be my all time favourite film. I have watched it over and over again and cannot find fault with it (although if I do, I learn to love it too). I think it has something to do with the film's innate spontaneity. It creates a joyous sense of creativity and freeness on the actors and the film-makers part (with Vitti and Stamp at the high of their 'New Wave' popularity). Modesty Blaise is total fun and total filmatic glamour in all it's technicolour radiance. It is a sad fact that there is not a filmmaker alive today that could inject a film with this sort of cheeky decadence and lightheartedness and get away with it. A film of it's time that I personally hope with resonate through the ages.

Adam C (ru) wrote: Kind of an amalgam of Lord of the Flies mixed in with Escape From Alcatraz and top it off with elements from the Mad Max movies. Pretty good cast including solid performances from Ray Liotta and Lance Henriksen. It's a fun little prison sci-fi flick with some good action sequences. Nothing cutting edge. I really enjoyed the various set locations and fortress designs. It's worth a watch if you like these type of films.

Matthew C (de) wrote: This thriller gains point for it's boldness, uniqueness and provocative story. It looses points on almost everything else. However, it gets the message across and deserved to be mentioned as a part of the conspiracy world bible.

Trina F (kr) wrote: Couldn't give Danny Glover a better part? He should fire his agent cause this movie was dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.