My Prison Yard

My Prison Yard

In Madrid, a petty thief who cannot adjust to life outside of jail puts together a theater troupe her friends -- a prostitute, a gypsy, and a Colombian immigrant -- in an attempt to make a go at a relatively straight life.

In Madrid, a petty thief who cannot adjust to life outside of jail puts together a theater troupe her friends -- a prostitute, a gypsy, and a Colombian immigrant -- in an attempt to make a go at a relatively straight life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob P (mx) wrote: Although the story line was slow it makes up for it with the engagement. I felt it was very engaging.

Asher C (ag) wrote: I'll admit that I love this movie, that I've watched it several times, and its atmospheric, wintry creepiness is quiet and tangible. I understand and appreciate the efforts of all those involved, and I wouldn't trade in my DVD for anything... BUT (sigh...) One thing bothering me is that no matter how often I've seen it, I can't attribute any particular murder-- and there were plenty-- as being outstanding or haunting. The very first killing is absolutely pointless, hackneyed, and an insignificant waste. The film-maker was aiming for a "Black Christmas' homage, one in which the killer's identity and motives are never revealed. This worked for Black Christmas since the killer was merely a catalyst, a shadow, a boogeyman-- the girls themselves, along with the suspense of their impending fate, were the heart of the story. But in 'The Sleeper,' we see the killer throughout, and he is sadly without merit or substance-- only cataracts. The writer should have either elaborated his motive or kept him hidden in the shadows, like in the original 'Halloween,' to serve as a symbol for the possibilities of the Unknown. Regardless- I still freakin' love this movie. Justin Russell's passion for the early '80's slasher is spot-on and sincere-- the textures, the synthesizer-music, the side-of-the-head pony tails. I loved the suggestive relationship between Ava and Laura, and I couldn't help but love the dance sequence. And I loved Amy, and while she managed to save herself in the end (with enough help from Detective McHandsome) in what was a rather ho-hum cat-and-mouse climax, I'm glad that Russell didn't mutate her into another hardcore bad-ass Jessica Biel amazon type-- she was scared, innocent, and a very relatable person, possibly due to her minimal characterization, but it's admirable that Russell stayed true to her character. I hope his career will be a full and productive one. I will certainly wait in line for his next project, whatever that may be.

oniverse m (it) wrote: you know it's not bad for ehat it is but it's unforgivably bad for what it's trying too be i thoughts taking a good board game like battleship and making it into a movie would be fun to watch in a Olympus has fallen or war games kind of way but being a Michael bay ripoff it's does not work AT ALL!!!!! >:(

Martin M (jp) wrote: Some funny moments. But you have to find Coogan funny. I don't !

David B (au) wrote: Vinnie Jones stars in his first major role and he's very good, this is the sort of film that fits the part for him as he is a former footballer. The rest of the cast are great and was fun spotting what else they'd been in. The producers of Lock Stock and Snatch have come up with a treat, blending in comedy drama and turning it into a delightful sports film towards the final 3rd. The dialog is actually quite good and simply written to suit the films needs but it's the breath taking football match scenes that really steal the film, camera's at every end of the pitch record every moment of pure footballing brilliance and sheer comedy moments. This is a remake of a classic but this is a great British twist and is better than the crap remake of The Longest yard. The film has drama and is too funny to be a rather bleak prison film but has a heartstopping moment when a main charater is killed off but quickly the film picks up the pace. Jason Statham is amazing as "The Monk" and basicly has the best scenes as the Con's goalkeeper. A fantasic Bristish sports comedy that we rarely do. "That's how it's done, pal" - The Monk. Fantasic film!!

Tricia R (es) wrote: The Muppets are at it again with this take on the classic Treasure Island. Tim Curry does a decent job in his role as Long John Silver, but the rest of the movie lacks pizazz and punch.

Sara G (au) wrote: cheeeeese, but you cant beat a glimpse of cornwall in any form, or the silver surfer ... makes me laugh out loud every time

Michael T (us) wrote: Uneven and mostly unfunny.

Morgan W (ru) wrote: i like the first one from the 50s but the 80s remake is gross. this may be more graphic.

Rangan R (us) wrote: I have no idea why I chose to watch this, but in the end of the day I was glad that I saw it. One of the critically failed movie of the years and who care what critics says, especially definitely not me. But you have to ask movie buffs because they loved it, probably except Chris Nolan fans. It was not made by a popular filmmaker, though it was almost perfect to be a masterpiece. He missed the big opportunity due to the inexperience to sculpt such a scoped script and failed to get best cast except Christopher Walken. Still the movie was at its best and I enjoyed it thoroughly. A story presentation in the multiple perspective is not a new to us. I am sure you had seen plenty. Well, it is the subject and the characters all that matters in the concept like this. This movie had those at its best and so original. Each character and their stories were developed awesomely in a short period of time. Remember, there's no going back, all of them brought together in the last quarter at the story's vanishing point. In which it's going to reveal the sensational twist. In some way its better the movie is not so popular. The main reason is that the some of the contents were too sensitive based on religion. It could have ended in a controversy like the movie 'The Da Vinci Code'. In the movie they are not trying to explain those, in fact you have to find it yourself or you are going to miss them without knowing like everyone else. But I liked it because it carried a worthy message about the non-violence. No matter what materials they used to deliver it though it was the right thing as I believe. You get no time to draw your stat on each story. They come and go before you presume something. One thing that makes us urge towards prediction is that how all the story networks are going to join together. Pretty nicely welded end, more importantly indulges. If it does not meet your expectation, then you should try second viewing otherwise forget it is not for you.

Matthew M (gb) wrote: Forget the terrible acting, the 70s clothing, and the cardboard graveyard. This is still a classic zombie film, and the way they interact with Orville the corpse is positively creepy.