My Pure Joy

My Pure Joy

On the outside Adam appears to be a normal teenager, but underneath...his mind has been so rotted by trauma from his past and the gory films he watches, that he has blurred the lines between reality and pretend! This prompts Adam to start killing people in similar ways to films he watches, making sure to put his own little spin on it.

On the outside Adam appears to be a normal teenager, but underneath...his mind has been so rotted by trauma from his past and the gory films he watches, that he has blurred the lines ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael J (mx) wrote: This is a Horrible movie!! Completely worthless pandering and revisionist history. Don't bother. Uggggg

Allie M (mx) wrote: i wanna marry pat healy

Sue W (au) wrote: Great film which really had me liking the main characters, they start out a bit dodgy, but you warm to them. Peter Facinelli is a brilliant main character, he built him well, you actually care about what happens to him. Vincent Gallo is as usual very good in the less sympathetic role. Loved it great film!

Kat P (fr) wrote: Quite frankly this is one of the worst films I have ever seen in my life! I only tuned in because I spotted Van Der Beek was in it. What an embarassment! He's clearly not been as successful as his peers like Jackson and Holmes and Williams who are all household names. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I would have given this ZERO stars except it won't let me. So gets half a star for effort.

David G (ag) wrote: Moves along really slowly.

Jonny P (gb) wrote: "Stir of Echoes" has always lived in the shadow of other 1999 supernatural blockbusters ("The Sixth Sense," "The Mummy"), but it is a surprisingly good ghost story. Kevin Bacon is underrated as an actor and drives this entire story with strong acting and intense facial expressions. He receives decent support from the rest of the cast, particularly Kevin Dunn, but the majority of the film falls on Bacon. With films like "A Few Good Men," "Mystic River," and "Apollo 13" under his belt, it is amazing that he isn't more commonly recognized as a great actor. While the premise of the story has less real-world believability than other supernatural films, it is still enjoyable for what it is. Just don't be misled by the film's synopsis, which paints it out to be more of a thriller. Many of the creepy elements of this story and the way in which they are presented could give you nightmares if watched right before bed! The entire digging sequence is awesome and emphasizes Bacon's desire to move on from the unfortunate events of this story. "Stir of Echoes" wasn't the best supernatural film of 1999 but it is absolutely worth watching for its interesting premise, relentless suspense, and a few really good twists at the end.

FilmGrinder S (kr) wrote: 77% "I've never seen you here before...I like that in a woman."-Renaldo "The Heel" (Bruce Campbell) Screwball, live action cartoon, influenced by Loony Toons and the mean spirtedness of The Three Stooges. Not as good as I had hoped.

Jason T (mx) wrote: How could this movies not be amazing? Werewolves on wheels is a dud in every facet and will leave you fighting to stay awake. Even for an avid werewolf fan this will be a complete waste.

Matt W (mx) wrote: Powerfully satirical.

James C (kr) wrote: The path of a struggling screenwriter and a mysterious free spirit intersects with that of a transvestite, a housewife, and a hapless mobster on their way to Las Vegas to see a celebrity psychiatrist in this darkly comic take on suicidal tendencies a...

Callie M (de) wrote: Loved this as a kid, doesn't quite hold up today, but acts as a great time capsule.

Nico B (kr) wrote: Visually stuning, with thrilling battle scenes to remember, Space Pirate Captain Harlock totally fills its role of diverting animated pictures, even if the endgame of the movie can be felt a little too light given the past history of the character.