My Scary Girl

My Scary Girl

A man with no experience in the art of relationships, is encouraged by his friend to ask Lee Mina out on a date. Unexpectedly successful, he falls in love. When Lee Mina's ex-boyfriend shows up and ruins the new relationship, she takes matters into her own hands. A distraught Dae-Woo begins investigating Lee Mina's murky past and discovers a series of scary secrets.

A young man in love for the first time discovers his girlfriend has a nasty secret in her refrigerator. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James L (jp) wrote: Follows very closely the first 3/4 of Amanda Knoxs Book....and is basically a partial reenactment made for TV which lacks cinematic creativity. I do think Hayden Panetierre plays Knox well but unfortunately doesn't capture her real personality and naive nature . All opinions aside, this is still a must see for anyone who got wrapped up in the Knox story and Trial coverage. 2.5 stars

Nikki J (ag) wrote: An hour and a half that I will never get back... After only 25 minutes into it. It seems all of the speaking roles were redone with voice-overs, the special effects were poorly done at best. Sadly the only emotional reaction IIhad the entire film was laughing at the monk pulling the spike trough his cheek (what was the need to include this awful "special effect"?!). Silly, senseless violence. Hackneyed and predictable story line. Oh, and; Worst. Accent. Ever. Kevin. Crazy snore-fest.

Panta O (fr) wrote: Stylish and odd fantasy comes out of the directorial dbut of Michael Bartlett, who also wrote the script about an unspoken tragedy. It reflects not just on the couple involved, a classical music critic and his wife, but on the house they live in, too. It is confusing story at the moments, a twisting turning fever dream full of lush and colourful treasures with nightmarish imagery.This ghostly fable about people who are trapped in both an idyllic dream and a horrifying nightmare, is very artistically articulated, but it is lacking a lot on an emotional level.. It is very cool film for most people from the audience, but for me was too cold. Cast includes Lindsey Haun (TRUE BLOOD), Blake Berris (DAYS OF OUR LIVES), and RJ MITTE (BREAKING BAD) in his first feature film role. Not bad at all!If you want to see something different in a haunted house setting... check it out.

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Amanda S (de) wrote: A-must-see for everyone in "art" world. A need for painting with lot of suicidal issue dispose one's humanity. This film offers rather sadistic laugh.

Zequn R (nl) wrote: It is a good movie for me. It is kind of educational and teaches people love is not just a feeling. It needs skills and knowledge. Good movie

Steve S (ca) wrote: If Becker is right... You would think that having a hope of eternal life in heaven would make people less violent.

Maneesh J (ru) wrote: A desi classic! Good acting by Vivek Oberoi and Rani.

Ryan P (us) wrote: Based on memory, it was really cheesy, but a pleasant watch. I saw it when I was 11 or something.

Ryan J (us) wrote: Interesting doco about how pimps work. Funny bunch of douchebags who think they have 'made' it in life.

Janson S (ag) wrote: Loved it, like almost all Stephen King movies.

Ola G (mx) wrote: In 1969 a mysterious man (Robert Redford) arrives at Wakefield State Prison in Arkansas. As an inmate, he immediately witnesses rampant abuse and corruption, including open and endemic sexual assault, torture, worm-ridden diseased food, insurance fraud and a doctor charging inmates for care. Brubaker eventually reveals himself - during a dramatic standoff involving a deranged prisoner who was being held in solitary confinement - to be the new prison warden to the amazement of both prisoners and officials alike. With ideals and vision, he attempts to reform the prison, with an eye towards prisoner rehabilitation and human rights. He recruits several long-time prisoners, including trustees Larry Lee Bullen (David Keith) and Richard "Dickie" Coombes (Yaphet Kotto), to assist him with the reform. Their combined efforts slowly improve the prison conditions, but his stance inflames several corrupt officials on the prison board who have profited from graft for decades. When Brubaker discovers multiple unmarked graves on prison property, he attempts to unravel the mystery leading to a political scandal..."Brubaker" is based on the real-life efforts of former prison administrator Thomas O. Murton to reform Tucker and Cummins Prison Farms in Arkansas in 1967-68. Murton served as a technical advisor for the film. The warden impersonating a prisoner story element was fictionalized and was not derived from Thomas O. Murton's experiences. It has been suggested though that this plot device was inspired by Sing Sing Prison Warden Thomas Mott Osborne who in 1913 under an assumed name had had himself committed to New York State's Auburn State Penitentiary. This is one of two Robert Redford movies released in 1980 that were Oscar nominated. This film was an Academy Award nominee for Best Original Screenplay whilst the other movie Ordinary People (1980) received six Oscar nominations. "Brubaker" was a critical and commercial success. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said, "...The movie (refuses) to permit its characters more human dimensions. We want to know these people better, but the screenplay throws up a wall; they act according to the ideological positions assigned to them in the screenplay, and that's that. ... Half of Redford's speeches could have come out of newspaper editorials, but we never find out much about him, What's his background? Was he ever married? Is this his first prison job? What's his relationship with the Jane Alexander character, who seems to have gotten him this job? (Alexander has one almost subliminal moment when she fans her neck and looks at Redford and, seems to be thinking unpolitical thoughts, but the movie hurries on.) Brubaker is a well-crafted film that does a harrowingly effective job of portraying the details of its prison, but then it populates it with positions rather than people." I have wanted to see "Brubaker" since 1980 as a fan of Robert Redford and now I finally bought a copy. However, I think that "Brubaker" is a bit too long, a bit too slow and a bit too talky to be honest. And I think that most characters are under developed, but the acting is truly solid and engaging. Nevertheless, in 2014 this becomes a bit like just another clichd prison movie with a Messiah like figure with his own agenda and ways of change. In 1980 this was most likely different, but its not more than a 3 out of 5 in my point of view on the last day of 2014.

Min K (ag) wrote: You gotta hand it to Rodgers & Hammerstein for being the first duo to create a musical for an all-Asian-American cast. Unfortunately, though it may have felt progressive for its time, this film is quite dated - stuck in 60's slang ("tomato" and "bop"), taking women's lib back a couple years, and fraught with those silly Asian characters who quizzically look at American culture and don't know what to make of it.Still, this is one of those iffy movies that you just love to watch! And the songs (well, most of them, I'm still not enthralled by "I Am Going to Like It Here") are so catchy! The "Love Look Away" dance sequence is one of the most beautifully over-dramatic numbers by far. And the personalities on-screen truly are lovable, especiall Benson Fong who steals the screen with his one-liners. I'm not quite sure how Juanita Hall got in the mix, but she acts as a great counter-balance of comedy with Benson. Dashing James Shigeta, foxy Nancy Kwan, city-wise Jack Soo, and aborable Miyoshi Umeki carry the ridiculous love quadrangle (plus one tragically written Reiko Sato) to its preposterous and Deus ex machina conclusion.There are also lots of fun errors in the film - like people looking at the camera, or singing when they're not supposed to be, or the really sloppily danced Chop Suey. Fun times, fun times.And I love the rhyme: "You can't have a new" with "Grant Avenue." Oh Hammerstein.My friend A.W. better finish writing her script so we have more great, contemporary works from Asian writers!

Michael H (us) wrote: In many ways, with the long flashbacks to old vaudeville routines, this movie is structured in a way that shouldn't work - but it does. There are a few shots that are held too long and would have benefited from cutting away a few seconds earlier. Buster Keaton deserved a little more prominence during the time he is present in the movie. Otherwise, a pretty near flawless rumination about the life of an entertainer.