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Nitin R (jp) wrote: The most beautiful Malayalam film i have watched in 2012. Great plot, cinematography, humour, music and a brilliant message.

Wuokko K (fr) wrote: not so good movie, but realistic story of guys who have wasted their lives. while they're injecting themselves, they also dream about better llfe, with family and own house... sad.

Luv L (nl) wrote: This movie in my opinion was ok. I think the drama is cool, but maybe it needed to be worked on a little bit more. In overall I think it is an Ok movie. *Sponsored Post

Alfredo S (us) wrote: This should have been a direct to Disney Channel release

Michelle M (nl) wrote: dunno havent sceen it

Matt T (ru) wrote: Critics Consensus: It won't pass muster for those looking for historical accuracy, but Finding Neverland is a warm, heartfelt drama with a charm all its own -- and Johnny Depp gives a graceful performance as Peter Pan creator J.M. Barrie.

Grant K (it) wrote: Perfectly executed pulp with a fantastic cast and one of Depp's most spirited performances.

Angel Eyes (kr) wrote: I love this movie. The soundtrack is also great.

Jamie J (ru) wrote: The best action movie ever made. For me this movie is perfect. That is all

Jonathan P (de) wrote: As miscast as it feels Travolta doesn't do a half bad cowboy. Though not the most exciting or entertaining flick Urban Cowboy has its limited appeal and even though it is a bit overly long it still manages a moment or two where it becomes a built of a guilty pleasure.

Daniel D (kr) wrote: Great movie. A great performance by William Holden.

Shane K (gb) wrote: Entertainment at it's finest.

Joshua L (us) wrote: Surprisingly effective and pretty damn scary for something Low budget. one of the better horror films to utilize this style.

Nathan N (kr) wrote: I wish Hollywood Shuffle wasn't as good as it is. I hate that it was so relevant in 1982 and I'm none too pleased that it still holds water now but it did and it does. Shuffle a funny movie, a realy funny movie but it's also quite sad. But this probably isn't the time or place. Hollywood Shuffle isn't a masterpiece but it's very short and very funny even if some of its bits hang on for just a little too long.