My Son

My Son

Julien and his mum care for each other very much. But Julien has committed a deadly sin: he is growing into a teenager! Worse, he has found himself a girlfriend of his age. "Mummy" is not going to tolerate such an ignominy. Julien is HER baby and will remain HERS for ever, encouraged in her "crusade" by her bovine husband and barely thwarted by the more courageous interventions of Suzanne, Julien's sympathetic big sister.

Tragedy strikes a young boy and his over-protective mother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Danielle B (nl) wrote: I love stories of women pulling together and finding their strength and succeeding.

Surajit Kumar M (gb) wrote: The movie is technically very good. Especially the camera works, cinematography, art works...the 60s era was shown beautifully. But the story is too slow and uselessly lengthy. Though everyone acted well, with a weak script the movie felt boring.

Eric H (ag) wrote: Bashing this film for want of a plot is a little like badmouthing Shakespeare because he doesn't have enough chase scenes. I mean, plots are great and all, but they're just one narrative technique among many. And the narrative technique of this movie is unlike anything. How else could you put the audience inside the head of a ghost, who's lost his sense of identity and his place in time, who meanders slowly through Russian history and through the architectural heaven that is the State Hermitage Museum? Many films are described as "dreamlike" but this film *is* a dream. It's lovely and profound and puzzling in equal measure. A deep knowledge of Russian history or Renaisance painting (neither of which I have) would add a number of delights to this film, I'm certain, but personally I'd feel greedy to ask of anything more from it. And don't call it a gimmick--that single long floating camera take is essential to the mood.

Sean P (nl) wrote: I like escape movies, especially true stories. I find it hard to believe some of it may have happened, but who knows?

Diogo B (ca) wrote: Quando o mau gosto superou a causa.

Anthony V (au) wrote: Sustained by Jon Cryer's charisma, this proves to be a fun outing.

Kevin M (gb) wrote: While the choice of casting of Clint Eastwood in this film is questionable to say the least, it is still a gripping thriller.

Martin T (ca) wrote: The imagery is incredible, and I appreciate the layers of complexity. Still, I was fighting boredom and was restless and distracted. Oodles of respect for Eisenstein's brilliant eye, but I still think he needed work on his storytelling.

Ian C (it) wrote: Baldwin's performance is up their with his legendary turn as 'Blake' in the excellent 'Glengary Glen Ross'. Fred Ward as always adds some class to the excellent black comedy.

Josh M (au) wrote: Out of the Furnace moves at a snails pace and has a lot of unnecessary filler. The story does not live up to the cast and with a great cast like this I expect more.

Jordan R (nl) wrote: Part concert film, part disaster epic, Through the Never is a fun ride filled to the brim with some of Metallica's greatest hits. With stunning visuals and a concert atmosphere so real it feels like you're there, Through the Never is a must see for Metallica fans, and fans of concert films alike.