My Son John

My Son John

In this Cold War drama, a woman suspects her son is a Communist spy.

The Jeffersons are the ideal picture-perfect all-American family of the McCarthy era, except that "son John" is gay, an atheist, and a liberal. The parents obviously suspect he's a Communist spy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric K (gb) wrote: Excellent film for most gay men who grew up raised as Southern Baptists. The emotional turmoil and struggles depicted perfectly. Funny and sad, just a great movie with a powerful message.

Jason T (br) wrote: And so the decline of Rob Reiner continues. There are a few chuckles but the script is flat, not engaging and predictable. If you like the leads its worth a Redbox rental but not much else.

Audrey C (it) wrote: Mark Duplass made me watch this. I love you, Mark, but there's an hour and 43 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

Joshua L (jp) wrote: Very well made and really funny short film. Won the Oscar for Best Live Action Short. My favorite of all the nominated shorts from 2010.

Peter T (de) wrote: I had no idea origami could be such an artform. Creatively inspiring and portrayed with engrossing perspective.

Eric H (fr) wrote: Alas a look at life through the eyes of someone from a different culture. Many of the ethnographic films used are often presented in the format of "look at the friendly natives." There are exceptions, to be sure but over the years in the face of the absence of good ethnographic films, I've come to rely on good commercial films with a solid ethnographic content. Now, being a film buff as well as a social scientist, I've seen a lot of films. And, to be sure, there are some stinkers, e.g., overly romanticized or historically distorted portrayals of people in some cases, and sacrificed ethnographic facts in the spirit of "making a good story," in others. But, every once in a while a real gem comes along. Ten Canoes is such a film. The presentation and setting is authentic and the actors are all aboriginal Australians. The greatly talented David Gulpilil is joined by his son, Jamie and a crew of very talented and energetic Native Australians. The tale, based on Australian cultural lore is simple yet profound in the telling. The acting is subtle and devoid of Western theatrics. As a commercial film with a solid depiction of something from the multiplex cultures of Native Australian Aborigines, it is delightful to watch and fascinating to observe these people in the act of being themselves.

Javier V (nl) wrote: :'(... One of the best movies show the human side of love and the understanding between 2 kinds of minds and worlds. One of them, liberal; the other conservative. A great piece of culture and art.

Angie M (nl) wrote: An awsome sequal. my favorite full moon relesease

Linus M (fr) wrote: Such a bleak movie, but worth it for the famous Last Summer send up. It's also a crucial example of Buuel's distinct, pointed storytelling style.

Alden S (nl) wrote: 10 out of 10:There is so much to say about Trainspotting. From the great performances, to weird imagery, and scenes that are funny or scary top this film.