My Super Ex-Girlfriend

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

When New York architect Matt Saunders dumps his new girlfriend Jenny Johnson - a smart, sexy and reluctant superhero known as G-Girl - she uses her powers to make his life a living hell!

A young man (Luke Wilson) discovers that the beautiful but manipulative woman (Uma Thurman) he is dating is really a superheroine known as G-Girl. When he dumps her for her neediness, she uses her powers to make his life a living hell. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rebecca N (de) wrote: Recommended by Priscilla Tse

JeanAntoine B (kr) wrote: It was funI love the cast.

Francisco L (nl) wrote: Better that first film! Good screenplay, Sarah Jessica Parker had very good role and Kim Catrall was better that ever! Carrie is eternal! But a little predictable and nothing new on this genre.

Barry E (fr) wrote: Really sweet film about friendship. Soundtrack definitely takes the film to that higher level though :)

Jim M (it) wrote: This movie was totally amazing and blows the doors off of any concept you have of a documentary. Duncan and Jamie have put together the movie in 9 broad themes ranging from faith, inspiration, masks, and sex and have brought to the forefront many of the philosophies and music of African, Indian, Maori, European and North American culture.

S S (ca) wrote: PHENOMENAL. And all in one room. If you like mind-bending stuff, this is the movie. And it all takes place in ONE ROOM.

Adam H (gb) wrote: Really good movie and great plot line the actors are great and its a long 2 hour movie on top of that:D

Sarah D (ag) wrote: I wasn't expecting to enjoy this movie, but I did. It's kind of funny to me how some of the reviews mention how it's unrealistic ... maybe it is, but if we all were so enthralled with reality, why would we have the need to escape from it by watching movies?! Anyway, yeah, interesting movie and there's a moral in there somewhere, too.

Dmitri G (mx) wrote: Not as good as "With the fire and a sword" or "Dluge", but not as bad as "Teutonic knights". It was interesting to see young Barbara Brylska.

Jack G (nl) wrote: 1) Orson Welles and that final courtroom speech. It's the kind of thing that all other courtroom speeches have to live up to (even Costner in JFK is miniature in comparison). He turns a pretty good movie into a nearly masterpiece-level one with just a few scenes.2) Dean Stockwell is fun to watch in an early role, and odd that it's a re-telling of the case that inspired Hitchcock's Rope as Stockwell comes off like a precursor to Norman Bates (though made to seem a little more, uh, 'sympathetic'-ish?)

John S (de) wrote: Tom Hanks gives an incredible performance in this movie, sealing him to be one of the great actors of our time.

Leonard D (au) wrote: I don't like the main character that much, because seeing him indulging in his fantasies while eating is kinda irritating to watch. However, the story, the setting, and the rest of the characters are a work of genius!