My Sweet Little Village

My Sweet Little Village

The movie's main storyline follows the life of Otík, a mentally retarded young man, in a tight-knit village community. The sweet-tempered Otík works as an assistant truck driver with Mr. Pávek, his older colleague and practical-minded neighbor. Pávek's family takes care of Otík, whose parents are dead. However, the two coworkers become at odds over Otík's inability to perform even the simplest tasks. Pávek demands that Otík be transferred to assist another driver, who happens to be a choleric and suspicious man named Turek (Turk in Czech). Rather than work with Turek, Otík decides to accept an offer of employment in Prague, but finds he does not fit in to the city life. After discovering that the transfer of Otík to Prague was a trick by a crooked politician to get a deal on Otík's large inherited house, Pávek agrees to give Otík a second chance and retrieves him from the city to resume their work together.

Comedy about the people who inhabit a small town. For years the overbearing Pavek has endured Otik, the "town idiot," sharing his meals and the front seat of their dump truck. But Otik is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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isaac c (nl) wrote: Something like wes anderson would do with a mix of Shaun of the deads humor

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David V (jp) wrote: The joke was funny the first 3 times.

Sapphire G (us) wrote: Really interesting film about sexuality, acceptance, and love amidst a difficult scenario. How can a man/woman feel like a woman/man on the inside? Is there anything such as being born in the wrong body? And still, this character loved his wife, loved her, more than anything in the world, so why would he 'choose' to hurt her? He didnt choose, he just hid who he was for a long time for fear of society's judgement and for love of his family. I wont deny that many times while watching this I just wondered "How is this possible? What's wrong with this old man?" Clearly my perspective on this is limited to my own experience, so I cant say I understand completely, but people like this man exist and they are who they are, there's no need for judgement. Tom Wilkinson's performance was outstanding and Jessica Lange was just brilliant, just her facial expressions were riveting enough to feel for her.

Diana S (nl) wrote: Bewitching: at times spooky, at times charming.

Doug K (nl) wrote: Dark, broody and bleak... This movie wouldn't deliver nearly as much as it does without the work from a diverse and incredibly talented cast.

Saharat S (nl) wrote: I guess this is a meditation on suicide and whether life is worth living - the gimmick is that people are brainwashed into committing suicide - French director, German actors, everyone speaks English - kind of a mess

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Alice S (fr) wrote: A thirteen-year-old boy wishes to be big, and his wish comes true. Except there's no time travel element, which really sticks in my craw. This kidult immediately lands a job in the big city and masquerades as a genius toy titan for an entire month? A thirty-something woman has sex with a pre-pubescent? The floor piano scene IS really cute, but was 1989 just a slow enough talent year for Tom Hanks to be Oscar-nominated for his perfectly ordinary performance?