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My Tutor

High school senior Bobby Chrystal fails his French class, which will block him from entering Yale. His rich, authoritarian father hires an attractive 29-year-old to tutor Bobby over the summer and help him pass a make-up exam. While Bobby's friends lead him away into strange excursions aimed at losing their virginity, Bobby finds all the extracurricular activities he needs with his new tutor.

The film follows a rich teenager who fails in French exams so he needs a summer tutor. He is so surprise when his tutor is hired by his father is a beautiful woman. What happens in the future? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael T (kr) wrote: Atrocious acting but the slugs deliver the bloody goods.

Mark F (gb) wrote: Spent most of the time thinking, "what on earth am I watching?" It's so unexpected at every stage. Funny, creative, action packed, witty, full of great characters. This is the perfect superhero movie.

Maruki A (es) wrote: Two men forge an improbable friendship that will change both of their lives forever.

Chris K (au) wrote: A quality film about a quality man who played the game of golf because he loved the game of golf. Recommended for those who like a good storyline with solid characters.

Morgan S (mx) wrote: This reminds me of when I was really little. I loved all their movies lol.

Kelsey K (fr) wrote: This film is pretty underrated. It is a very good family film that is about a daughter and father finding Geese and raising them as their own.

Joshua S (ru) wrote: Not all 80's movies are good.

A C (ag) wrote: Shame on those who gave this less than four stars, I dont think they understand why movies are made. This is classic comedy and will never get old.

Anne V (fr) wrote: I'm not sure how this got in my queue, except for the Peter Fonda infatuation I was having awhile ago. Anywhoo... now my new infatuation is young Warren Beatty. Raawwwr. Plot's pretty crazy for it's era: a sexaholic schitzo chick? Sign me up. Of course Beatty tames her inner beast... and of course she drives HIM crazy. Good times. Oh, and Beatty is friggin' hot.

Jurgen H (kr) wrote: this only builds on my love of alec guiness. both men, mills and guiness might've easily fallen into the wooden traps of these characters, but they succeed in making them deep and complex. the story is very simple and very simply shot, keeping these performances at the center.

Michael T (kr) wrote: To call this silent film dated is rather redundant, but if the shoe fits. . .

Fran H (kr) wrote: Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal in a very funny comedy. De Niro is a mafia crime boss who comes to the realization that all of the stress of being a bad guy has caused him to get panic attacks, and he searches out and has secret sessions with Crystal, who's a shrink. He's hilarious and perfect in this role. And Billy Crystal plays the standard Billy Crystal character, who is more of a straight man for De Niro. My only problem with this is the story is kinda boring after a while. But nevertheless it's watchable and funny. Although I'm really not a fan of Lisa Kudrow, and she played her standard, kind of ditsy plastic character who is never funny.

Rangan R (it) wrote: Is it about the student politics or racism?Actually, I don't understand this film, I mean the story, what it intended to tell us. Maybe it's for Americans only. I thought it could be some underrated cool comedy, but what I just saw was definitely not expected. I kind of felt it was a student politics and if it stayed like that way I would have had no problem. But they said it is a comedy and I did not get any, in between it became a racism thing. I never understood this American racism, why they're making it so complicated. Especially the condition of the US is not looking good right now and this film pours a more oil to it. I'm neither white nor black or an American, and sorry I did not find it a good film. Even more, I don't get, how a television series is getting ready to follow-up it. So no offense for those who liked it, seems I'm in a wrong place. I just rated and reviewed what I felt it deserves, other than that I'm not against the film. I'm out of here!3/10

Andy L (kr) wrote: A brilliantly odd film, with fantastic imagery and great inventive camerawork. Some of the scenes of dialogue let it down a little, but the rest more than makes up for this.