My Very Best Friend

My Very Best Friend

The story of two brother-like friends facing the possibility of separation.

The story of two brother-like friends facing the possibility of separation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron M (it) wrote: The characters are difficult to care for and the story quite slow but overall the mystery is engaging and interesting. Ultimately though it all felt a little childish.

John R (nl) wrote: 121130: Though it took over 24 hours for me to develop an opinion, I think I enjoyed this film. It's all about compassion and forgiveness. There's not a lot of action so don't be looking for that. The one gunfight which does occur, however, is a classic. It's a true portrayal of how I believe many cap and ball gunfights would've gone down in the 1800s. The community hired hitman, Tom Sutter, attempts to ambush Sheriff Heath. Sutter misses his first two shots and then takes cover at the same time as Heath. Heath returns fire shooting Sutter's hat off. Sutter yells "I say you missed" believing Heath's first shot was a fluke. Sutter puts his hat on the end of his revolver and pushes it out beyond cover. Heath shoots off the hat a second time. Sutter breaks cover, points his sidearm and receives a misfire. Heath's gun then also misfires. Frustrated Sutter charges Heath experiencing an accidental discharge. Heath gets a shot off which burns long and presumably misses. Not being able to obtain another shot, Sutter curses his gun calling it a "piece of garbage." Heath uses the opportunity to charge Sutter. Rather than attempting any more shots with his problematic sidearm, Sutter throws his gun at Heath and begins to run away. Heath manages to catch Sutter, pushing him down and ending the fight Wyatt Earp style. Now that's cap and ball pistols for you. Realism coupled with comedic relief. Until looking further into the actors on this film, I would have never recognized Margot Kidder portraying Marlys Baptiste. My old hometown girl, guess time is catching up to all of us. Great sound and good acting.

Jordi T (mx) wrote: Aunque tenga un inicio de lo mas prometedor, la nueva historia del director de LA VIE EN ROSE se pierde en un continuo intento de humanizar demasiado a los personajes, que aunque las interpretaciones sean lo mejor del reparto, hacen lo que pueden con una historia que no da para mucho, y las buenas Road -Movies ya hace mucho que desaparecieron.

Price P (de) wrote: While the cast is exceptional and the found footage aspect is actually pretty interesting. The end sucks some fun out for me, but all in all still a good movie.

Melissa G (fr) wrote: With my naked eyes I will watch the Naked Boys Singing on March 5, 2011 Just checking what's out there!

Amanda S (it) wrote: I've seen it and it's just hilarious!!! I love how the Jason Segel and Russell Brand characters just seem to bond through the movie. I did notice that a few of the other guys that Jason did Knocked Up with, are in the movie, and they make the movie that much more funnier to watch. I love Mila Kunis in it, and she does more comedy in this movie that she did in 70s show as Jackie.

Thomas B (nl) wrote: *****An absolutely hilarious comedy from the legendary Edgar Wright, with an amazing script, Wright's typically brilliant direction, and performances from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost that elevate the material to an even higher level.

Tanisha H (ag) wrote: never watched it yet.

amy p (us) wrote: their first night together, Jack asks Claire if she likes movies with happy endings or sad endings -- apparently i'm a sucker for ambiguous endings to melancholic love stories.

Aitor B (gb) wrote: the terrible trio in action!!! love me tender movie with the always amazing and beautiful o'neill and a wonderful bso from michel legrand!!

Emre T (it) wrote: Roberto Rossellini's six-part film about the liberation of Italy was released in 1946... The episodes all seem to have an anecdotal triteness... but each acquires a wholly unexpected naturalness and depth of feeling from Rossellini's refusal to hype the anecdotes with conventional dramatic rhetoric

Dan P (us) wrote: I've never liked Michael Douglas, but I would have thought Michael Douglas was Liberace, himself. Damon acted like he was disgusted playing the partmaybe because his Mother was on the set the whole timewhy was that??

Andrew G (nl) wrote: Grosser and more reliant on shock humor than a Borat, but the laughs are still there. They're just surrounded by a lot more cringing.

Marshall U (gb) wrote: This movie was a riot! It serves its purpose, to make you laugh. A nice movie to watch for some good laughs. Tyler Labine is great as the lead in this movie, with good performances from Damon Wayans, Jr. and Thomas Middleditch as supporting characters. Great chemistry between the main characters played by Labine and Lucy Punch. And aside from the laughter, the romance and connection between Labine and Punch feels heart-warming. A lot of the jokes and gags are nasty and outrageous (everytime I laughed out loud, my girlfriend looked like she wanted to throw up). Guys will definitely like this movie more than girls. While the movie is predictable if you watch the preview beforehand and is mostly a standard rom-com, it is still an enjoyable watch that is well-worth the one hour and 24 minute runtime.

Stephen J (nl) wrote: they made a 4th one? :-o