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My Way

Inspired by a true story. Jun Shik works for Tatsuo's grandfather's farm while Korea is colonized by Japan, but he has a dream to participate in Tokyo Olympics as a marathon runner. Tatsuo also aims to become a marathon runner, so the two are in rivalry. But war breaks out and they both are forced to enlist in the army. Tatsuo becomes the head of defense in Jun Shik's unit and he devises a scheme but fails. Jun Shik and Tatsuo are captured by the Soviets. They run away but soon are captured by Germans and forced to separate. In 1944, they meet again at the shores of Normandy.

Inspired by a true story. Jun Shik works for Tatsuo's grandfather's farm while Korea is colonized by Japan, but he has a dream to participate in Tokyo Olympics as a marathon runner. Tatsuo ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rea R (ca) wrote: A valuable call to action for the cause of educating females in 3rd world countries. Some of the vignettes were very moving.

Gino M (jp) wrote: Andrew W. Saul is a unfounded prick. His pandering of the Medical Community is easily debased by any person with minimal knowledge of medicine. The Documentary makes some basic points about our sad state of food consumption, which is definitely a subset of a consumer culture spiraling deeper and deeper into the dark abyss of mind control, but that doesn't mean people like Andrew W. Saul should be given air time. His dualistic "I'm right and everyone else is wrong" solution to the issue is exactly THE issue!!!!!We can't take 1 single step forward as a common humanity until we respect the ancient tradition of collaborating with each other to create new ways and ideas, and to write off the entire medical community is just dumb. Why not attack our legislature, and the lack of proper regulatory Government bodies on Pharmaceutical Companies? Why not help Doctors actually survive in the increasingly oligarchical fascism of this country. Why not help all types of hard working Americans, who are having an increasingly harder and harder time performing simple, honest jobs as the ruling class (aka Fascist Media/Government/Celebrity) practices mind control and predatory propaganda docs emanate the Anti-Gandhi seeking their piece of the pie.Yes, quite obviously, Pharmaceutical companies and the powers that be in a large portion of the medical community are purely out to make more money, but that doesn't mean that "all medicine and science is a hoax" and that YOU, THE COMMON DUPED VICTIM OF SOCIETY should take Niacin to make all your problems vanish in a nasally wisp of air reminiscent of Mr. Saul's snarky glibness.The smartest person on this doc is David Wolfe and he's a raw veg, yoga-guru with a plastic giraffe coddling his backside. More power to him, but lesser followers of the cutesy Buddhist lifestyle branded by him are EXACTLY THE TARGET AUDIENCE of the pile of political propaganda poo and the wellness of their lives are cartoonish at best. The MARGINALLY SMARTER members of society will gawk and squawk just like the CONTROLLED DUMB MASSES about this doc. Both groups are held in contempt by the wacko talking heads, complete with their Yellow Journalism, transparently divisive and scientifically barren. There's really no difference between the target audience of Buddha-rubbing white yuppies and the "mindless" masses. Most people, middle-class interest groups included, are people who don't understand the big picture enough to see the difference between this movie and a McDonald's commercial. There is a difference, but it's not much. Sure, the philosophies on display here are about healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and seemingly acquiring knowledge about the truths kept hidden from common society since the dawn of modern medicine, but as the doc goes on, it turns into a blatant lampooning of the medical community, utterly devoid of big picture thinking that was merely eluded to in the opening of the doc. Great. Fine. The medical community is a joke. Pharmaceutical companies are a joke. Great. Fine. What's so special about that claim? Everything that is mind control is a joke. Including, but not limited to, this sorry excuse for a documentary.

Sean S (mx) wrote: Inexcusable. Skip this one and see Sanctimony instead. That one's the good one. I promise.

Allan C (fr) wrote: A preposterous story at every turn, but nevertheless a very charming and entertaining film because of the two leads, Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The film wants to be a classic Jules Dassin-type elegant heist film, but the story and nonsensical situations sabotage what should have been a great film. Most of the film is Connery and Zeta-Jone, but you also have a good supporting cast that includes Ving Rhames, Will Patton and Maury Chaykin

Justin S (gb) wrote: This must have been an excellent film if I can still remember it so clearly after ten years.

Michael H (nl) wrote: A fun creature movie with a nicely casual performance from David Caradine as a tough detective and an absolutely delightful turn by Michael Moriarty as low-rent criminal who works every angle but dreams of making it as a jazz pianist. Moriarty makes the movie worthwhile all by himself.

James M (it) wrote: Yet another Airport sequel with an even more unlikely plot.

Hayden G (us) wrote: Staggering atmosphere and visuals.

Bluepanther (ca) wrote: I've got to buy this movie!!!

Cidric L (it) wrote: One suspends disbelief whilst watching films: smoothing over unrealistic exposition, forgiving awkward and unrealistic character interaction, allowing digressions into the melodramatic for the sake of tone, etc. This pretty little film demands so much suspension of belief that serious eye-rolling ensues. Couple this with the writers' poor understanding of science and their unwavering desire to connect this with the poetic and the spiritual, and one is left feeling that the film was trite and melodramatic. This is unfortunate, as the actors seem entirely capable of delivering compelling performances, but have little to work with. Reminds me of Luc Besson's 'Lucy', without special effects or action.

Private U (ru) wrote: I can't believe I was a teenager when I last watched this - I still squirmed in the same places. Brilliant. David Bradley from Kes joined Equity as Dai Bradley - he is not the same David Bradley who played Argus Filch in Harry Potter as shown in cast list on Rotten Tomatoes