My Year Without Sex

My Year Without Sex

A tender story from Australia highlights the realistic ups and downs of an Australian family in the year following a parent's emergency medical procedure.

A tender story from Australia highlights the realistic ups and downs of an Australian family in the year following a parent's emergency medical procedure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Augustine H (gb) wrote: You will feel sympathetic to the queen.

Dolores H (au) wrote: Loved it. What a great movie!

Paul D (es) wrote: Mildly amusing boarding school drama, the fact it is set in South Africa in changing times gives it some relevance over others in this genre.

Leslie Y (kr) wrote: This is the worst movie I have ever seen. Yes it deals with child abuse; this should be noted on the cover.

Sunny Singh D (kr) wrote: Bad film. Only + thingis SRK and Madhuri performance.

Marcos S (us) wrote: Uma comdia sensacional, verdadeira, tocante e com boas sacadas! O elenco est timo (Kristin Scott Thomas merecia um texto por sua atuao).

Andrew B (mx) wrote: A better lead actor to go alongside a great performance by Michael Douglas would have helped propel this movie into something great. I understand Charlie Sheen was a popular young actor in the 1980's but honestly, he is just not that good and frankly is poor in this movie. The only thing that makes this movie worth watching is Michael Douglas' portrayal of Wall Street mogul Gordon Gecko, a cutthroat vicious businessman who embodies everything the "blue collar working man" hates. A somewhat good concept, but overall a film you should not go out of your way to see.

Allan C (ag) wrote: Director Brian De Palma is not for all tastes and this film is probably his most divisive (and sleaziest) film. Re-watchig this film now, I was really surprised how stylistically unchanged De Palma is years later. I love his filmmaking sensibility, and there really isn't anyone, now or then, making films like him. He was always knocked as being a Hitchcock imitator, but I think they merely shared the same obsessions and penchant for genre suspense films. Stylistically, De Palma films are very mannered and fully embrace the artifice of film, unconcerned with making a realistic film, much the same at Hitchcock, but De Palma and Hitchcock films visually look very different. De Palma is merely filming the same obsessions as Hitchcock in a very different and original manner. But to this film in particular, De Palma is clearly borrowing from "Rear Window," much the same way he borrowed from "Vertigo" for his film "Obsession," but outside of the set up and some similar themes around voyeurism and repressed sexuality, this film is really his own. Craig Wasson is a struggling actor who house sits in an upscale home for a friend and witnesses the murder of his gorgeous neighbor. However, and much different from "Rear Window," Wasson begins to suspect he was set up to purposefully witness the murder. Melanie Griffith appears in the film as a adult film actress, Gregg Henry plays the friend, and Dennis Franz plays a horror film director, who Franz said he based upon De Palma. Barbara Crampton and Steven Bauer also appear in small bit parts. I remember seeing this film as a kid and remember being blown away by the dirtiness of the film and also terrified by the murder scene Wasson witnesses (the drill through the ceiling!) and it still hold up in those respects. Although it's a pretty sleazy film, and arguably unnecessarily so, De Palma has some terrifically suspenseful set pieces, wild visuals (particularly the claustrophobic scenes with Wasson), terrific photography by Stephen H. Burum and a gorgeous score by composer Pino Donaggio. Again, this film is not for all tastes, but if you want a suspenseful and 1980s style sleaze, this is the film for you!

Hunter L (ag) wrote: Stuart Cooper's minimalist WWII drama thematically follows in the footsteps of early twentieth century writers Herbert Read and Erich Maria Remarque, utilizing the idea that soldiers are nothing more than ducklings waiting to be led into the gigantic machine we call 'war,' only to be used as gears. It's breathtaking and ultimately destructive to the soul.

Zach S (it) wrote: A smooth psychedelic adventure.

Donald Z (nl) wrote: It could be a 3.5 or a 3, really. Maybe I should bump it up half a star to be fair. But until I do, I'll leave it where it is at a still above average score. It's still a good movie. It's still worth your time, I'd say, if you see it, but if you don't see it, that'd probably be fine, too. But it's better than a lot of things out there. So it's still a reasonable option, I'd say, for sure.