Mysteries of the Gods

Mysteries of the Gods

William Shatner explores the theory that the U.S. government is involved in a cover-up of visiting alien spacecraft. Based on a book by Erich von Däniken, this documentary contains evidence of extraterrestrial life here on earth. Proof discovered through photographs taken by scientists and evidence of actual voyages found by archaeologists.

A documentary movie about the influence of "ancient astronauts" in mankind's history. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh M (us) wrote: Ferrell and Galifianakis did not work that well together. The laughs were few and far between. Besides a few laughs I was sitting in boredom during the rest of the film.

Mia C (au) wrote: Didn't really like it. it wasn't good to me because for 1. their was no characters from the last movie! which makes it terrible. just a lazy teen who works an ends up liking horses. woopty-doo

Yash B (kr) wrote: Stylish superhero flick and a wonderful sequel.

Gabriel C (us) wrote: Decent CGI and a hilarious turn from Steve Martin as the villain give way to a plot that's too ridiculous even for the Looney Tunes, as well as a few jokes that would be considered questionable in a kids movie.

emily h (nl) wrote: i love America Ferrera, I love these spanish movies sooo good, such a good story too

Elise C (kr) wrote: Completely rewatchable classic. Lost count how many times I've seen it. I can literally almost quote the entire movie. It's just one of those you know. Everyone has that one (maybe even obscure movie) they watch over and over again. And I crack up every time I watch it. Reviews be damned, it's really an insiders joke in my family how it's carried on in our memories over the years.

Mildo (kr) wrote: A look into police corruption in the NSW police force...still holds up today gripping and well acted!

Steve B (fr) wrote: One of my favourite Resnais movie right behind Last Year at Marienbad.

Tylers S (br) wrote: This is a very slow movie, but it was actually really interesting. It was a movie you could kind of walk away from when the conversations went on too long because they don't really drive the plot, but this isn't a plot driven movie. It's basically a lot of philisophical and romantic discussion and they actually had lots of interesting things to say.

Jason J (ca) wrote: Best remembered for the Infamy quote by Kenneth Williams. Top stuff.

Mark N (au) wrote: I was a fan of Dolph Lundgren's early films, but then he, like JCVD lost their appeal. Having seen him in The Expendables, I thought he might have improved. We got half way into this film before switching it off. The acting is so wooden. The script has been written by amateurs complete with cliches and the general acting is so wooden, trees could have done a better job! Avoid at all costs!!

Trey B (jp) wrote: Shrek provides some of the best voice acting ever along with a good plot and layered characters.

Sally A (br) wrote: I'm not sure how I feel about John Cusack playing a creepy serial killer, it's about as weird as Robin Williams in One Hour Photo - great performance, just...wrong. That aside this is a well made, disturbing film. I do question from time to time if making films about these sick monsters is a good idea though, does it just satisfy their need for attention? Hansen is still alive after all. Anyway, this is a good film but it is disturbing and not very pleasant watching despite it's quality. One of the better serial killer bios I have seen though, probably due in part to the great cast.