Mystery Liner

Mystery Liner

Police try to solve a murder on board an ocean liner.

Police try to solve a murder on board an ocean liner. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mystery Liner torrent reviews

Rachit M (mx) wrote: watch it for irfan khan...

Fady K (nl) wrote: Very interesting movie if you are a Bob Marley fan.. Never realised how much his music had to do with his religion..

Vincent P (it) wrote: Lucio Fulci meets James Bond meets It Conquered the World: a more accurate description I could not provide.

Les E (mx) wrote: Haywards performance is brilliant and honest as her character goes through a fast life and slow death.

Gel L (br) wrote: B&W pantomimenice music and very funsilly movie but lovelyvery nice ending

David L (gb) wrote: Even though some shorts are boring and it feels like a package film, the Reluctant Dragon is a great documentary that features fascinating behind the scenes look of Disney animators of the time and the stages of production of classic films like Dumbo and Bambi are magnificent and very interesting to look at.

Erin D (fr) wrote: meh, so good things happen to bad people? that's not cool

Chris S (ru) wrote: Much more entertaining than I anticipated.

Poul F (nl) wrote: Its well made but it never packs the punch that a good thriller should.