Mystic Pizza

Mystic Pizza

Three teenage girls come of age while working at a pizza parlor in Mystic Connecticut.

The movie centers on three working-class women just out of high school, who learn a lot about life and love one summer while working at a pizza parlor in the Connecticut town of Mystic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy C (nl) wrote: Two kids high in the mountains are attacked by a group of hunters in this retread of a greater film, 'The Virgin Spring'.

Danny C (kr) wrote: Very interesting movie, the fact that it has people questioning if it's real or not shows how good it really is. Great plot too.

Skylar K (au) wrote: Despite some of the holywood cliches and over acting,it is the story that still makes up for the film.

Matthew R (ag) wrote: A pretty good documentary that shows both sides pretty well -- however, I doubt it will change one's own stance on the situation in anyway. If you're set, you're set already and your ethical code for or against will remain the same.However, if you're on the fence on the issue -- it may just keep you there as well. For it isn't a matter of 'black' and 'white' -- and the film being in black and white is pretty brilliant for what it is.

Paul A (fr) wrote: Cheesy, corny, cliched, but to this day its still remains a classic dance movie.

jolanta g (gb) wrote: It was such a good movie...i really loved it...

J K (jp) wrote: True mystical movies are too far and few in between.

Mark M (ag) wrote: The original Planet of the Apes franchise comes full circle with J. Lee Thompson's Battle for the Planet of the Apes, but if the film proved anything, it would be the risk of over-saturation by rehashing the same movie - albeit packaged with a different wrapping paper and ribbon - over and over again, without a good gap in between release dates for the audience to take a breather.

roger t (fr) wrote: recommended by Ghw12158...............

Rob M (es) wrote: well made thriller,narrated by the lead detective.lon chaney does what he does best-playing a baddie you sympathise with.nice location shots of 50's los angeles .

Ben R (ru) wrote: Cheesy late 80's action at its finest. You really can't go wrong with this late night classic. We got Carl Weathers kicking ass, Craig T. Nelson and as the scummy bad guy with a pony tail. We got Vanity and Sharon Stone before she exploded in the early 90's (Both Nude). We also get a cast of great 80's and 90's Character actors that you know from everything. If you can get this in a multi pack this will be the highlight of your collection.

Dave C (fr) wrote: There is nothing, absolutely nothing about this film to recommend it.It is an appalling alien invasion film in which a single American seems to defeat space travelling aliens with an axe.

Richard G (gb) wrote: Even better than the show. And I loved the show.

Anthony L (kr) wrote: A brave, bold and fair portrayal of a very controversial historical figure - he isn't held in high regard by many but he is a very influential character in recent history and his story is told well here. The production is awesome, in my opinion it is only the casting that lets it down but not in every case, Aidan Quinn and Stephen Rea were great as is Liam Neeson although he's not particularly convincing as a 31 year old.

Emily A (es) wrote: In which Woody Allen outdoes himself in pretention and the pseudo-intelligence involved in exploring plain shitty people. There's nothing interesting or worthwhile in exploring people treating other people like shit unless there is at least something beneath it and driving it that's being explored. "Philosophical thriller", as if. There is nothing remotely profound here. Allen really pushes himself with using opera music for every scene change instead of smooth jazz though, keep expanding dude.

Rastaman J (de) wrote: I am guessing my kids liked it somewhat! Why!!!