N. a pris les dés...

N. a pris les dés...


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:French
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N Took the Dice is essentially a reworking of Eden and After made possible by the roll of a dice (scenes from the 1970 film were combined with outtakes and additional footage in an aleatory way). Robbe-Grillet was always interested in music and since he perceived Eden and After to be serial in nature, it only made sense that its sister film would stand in opposition to that. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


N. a pris les dés... torrent reviews

Sierra G (ca) wrote: ITS AWESOME I LOVE IT

Laura M (ca) wrote: pocas veces vi una pelicula tan mala!!

Leo L (it) wrote: An intriguing movie that centralizes around one man's search for the answers of the whereabouts of Christ's body (after his crucifixion). Interesting.

Bruce B (fr) wrote: This is a slow movie but still it will hold your interest. This movie is all Alabama. A young boy is dislikes his childhood, his town, and his mother's abusive boyfriend. He is a horror makeup Artist and lands a job at a local farmers attempt to set up a horror house for Halloween. The barn and pig scene is Hilarious. Worth the watch for that moment alone. After getting near complete someone destroys his work. There isn't much real horror in this movie but a number of laughable moments. 3 stars a good rental, pass the buy.

m w (us) wrote: In every way terrible.

Adam P (de) wrote: I like a good tangled crime thriller with Walken any day of the week

DC F (de) wrote: Even Tom Skerritt couldn't save this sloppy, poorly done threequel.

Emile H (kr) wrote: It's such a great movie for its time telling both sides of a cross-country motorcycle ride, whether you take the wonders of it or consider yourself more cautious. Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper play Captain America and his youthful sidekick, Billy. These are characters whose contrast between each other and become enough of great guys you can ride with. The many events they get themselves into due to their freewheeling nature seem to always taken a turn for the worse, which is a bit of a wake-up call for anyone dreaming for an amazing road trip. I guess that's what makes it, surprisingly, such an American adventure!

Paul D (au) wrote: Fair examination of the Allied retreat from France, although somewhat from a flag-waving angle.

Abhishek S (mx) wrote: An ambitious spectacle. A visual delight.

Denise T (us) wrote: I LOOOOVED this movie! I went in expecting it to be great and it did't disappoint. Int he film, Lincoln and Mary's chemistry seemed genuine! Walker, Cooper, and Winstead were all fantastic! One of my favorites!!!

Andrew M (kr) wrote: Hall Pass is a pass for me. This movie is not that good. This is one of Jason Sudeikis' and Owen Wilson's worst movie yet. This movie lacks comedy. However, it does have the romance. I would not really suggest this movie.

MayraMoshpitFailure (ca) wrote: Another fabulous movie by the hot protagonist of the movie. (i just know that she's Jean from X-Men) The movie conveys how things arent always fair when in a really f*ucked up marriage that turns into a divorce. She portrays how many families become isolated from each other such as her and her son. Sometimes extreme measures are taken and that's what she does. The ending was magnificent because it was realistic and not like those 'happily ever after' movies. I give it a 3 thumbs up lol