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After a stunning victory at a cyber sport tournament, the winning gamers are awarded CDs with a brand new game. After playing this game, each of them is affected with some force, turning ...

After a stunning victory at a cyber sport tournament, the winning gamers are awarded CDs with a brand new game. After playing this game, each of them is affected with some force, turning ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (es) wrote: It is apparently inspired by/ adapted from "En la Cama (In Bed)".

Atheer O (nl) wrote: nothing really interesting here.

Joanna B (ru) wrote: Finished forever! You think?Unless you've been living under a pop-culture rock for five years, it will come as no surprise that the final chapter release of Stephanie Myers uber-blockbusting Twilight franchise, Breaking Dawn Part 2 has secured 8th place highest grossing first weekend film of all time. But my question to all the twi-hard's out there; was it worth the split feature wait and the double admission price?With the taboo love triangle between human, vampire and werewolf finally laid to rest, you would think the meaningful weary glances and uncomfortable stares would become a foggy human memory, but alas with the films focus on the precarious fate of half-blood abomination and the world's press focus on the off-screen romantic hiatus of the lead cast members, its business as usual for amateur dramatics. Just in case the franchises garrulous five year advertising campaign has escaped your attention, here is the basic jist. Human Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) fall into forbidden love. A series of misunderstandings and miscommunications cause hiatus for three movies, but in the fourth the duo marry and all seems well, until the impossible happens and Bella painfully produces a progeny. BD2 starts immediately after part 1; red-eyed new born vampire Bella must learn to control her thirst before meeting her bizarrely named and graphically questionable child Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy). After accepting a bonding development between her daughter and ex-object of romantic contention, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) the family settles down into bliss with only the concerns of Renesmee's speedy growth to disturb their reverie.When an unexpected visitor, cousin Irina (Maggie Grace) witnesses the child and jumps to the wrong conclusion, she inadvertently gives justifiable reason the self-proclaimed arbiters of all things undead to finally attack the family and acquire some coveted new recruits. Facing irradiation, the Cullen clan recruits a motley band of relatives, friends and frenemies to attest that Renesmee is not a dreaded immortal child. But the menacing threat of the Volturi spurs the group to stand and protect, but if it comes to battle, who will survive?With all twi-hard necessities present and accounted for (fervent yet chaste sex scene, a bare-chested Lautner, a sappy meadow make-out, and vamped-up vampire action), BD2 moves past its usual clichs to rediscover a lost element, humor. All bad graphics and questionable acting jokes aside, the wonderfully awkward moments, quirky one liners and intriguing (if not fully explored) introductory characters make this hands down the best and most natural chapter.The Verdict: With a renewed sense of drama, BD2 culminates the series with a shocking final blow. A bittersweet farewell, this reviewer is not convinced producers and fans alike will let it be without exploring fringe character arcs further. My prediction, watch this space.Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 23/11/2012

Richard Y (ru) wrote: Light and fun, with some surprising substance under the glittery surface. Bonus: Cory Grant? Adorable.

Fred B (nl) wrote: I think this is pretty damn good, the first film as well as this. I definitely enjoyed "Ultimate Agvengers" & "Ultimate Avengers 2". I'm a big fan of the Black Panther and found him to be a strong point in here, but if you want to him portayed in even more impressive fashion check out "Avengers: Earth's Mightest Heroes", he's written amazingly in that series.

Matthew R (it) wrote: It was alright, but the end still left me a bit confused about some things. It was a good watch though, better then most horrors I've seen.

Christopher B (us) wrote: A solid follow-up to the first.

Jenna I (us) wrote: I have never heard a worse Brooklyn accent, A+ Seagal. This movie is just flat out nuts. From the crack smoking hyper violent weirdo that apparently nobody in the neighborhood cares enough about to get rid of since they're just letting one dude and the mob take care of it, to the crazy plot that's just about revenging a shitty cop who cheated on his wife and got shot for it. Like who cares? Hilarious.

Wayne Z (ru) wrote: I have seen this probably about 10-15 times now and i'm still not 100% sure what is going on in it in places. Thats kind of why i like it, its like a puzzle or something. There is NO WAY your average child (or Madonna wannabe at the time) would have made much sense of it. NO-WAY! Madonna does her best though i think. Madonna and Sean Penn obviously took this project on thinking it would be like a 1980's Bogart and Bacall type thing but it really didnt turn out that way. Madonna blamed the editing for it coming out rubbish, but i think it was proabably just a bad idea for a film in the first place. I guess Madonna wanted to do a role that went against type, after Desperately Seeking Susan. Enjoyable in a bad but good kind of way.

Kevin M (us) wrote: There's a weird sex cult in town and Inspector Hanzo must prepare his manhood for double shifts. This involves pouring boiling water on it whilst slapping the shaft with a wooden stick. He also uses a sword in ways you might not have thought possible.

Richard G (es) wrote: Vincent Price plays an undertaker who kills people in oreder for his business to get work+money,Very Amusing and often Funny film written by Richard Matheson,no matter how Dark the plot gets the comedy stays light,its great to see Vincent Price,Peter Lorre,Boris Karloff+Basil Rathbone have fun in their roles,this film is Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.