Na mesto, gradjanine Pokorni!

Na mesto, gradjanine Pokorni!

A story of Cule Pokorni, an intimidated and obedient economist devoted to idea of making society a better place to live.

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Na mesto, gradjanine Pokorni! torrent reviews

Orlando L (us) wrote: Plot was good. Acting was better. Jeff Bridge's wise cracks started a little comical but got used a little to much in my opinion. Not to sure I'd call it a Western but it sure is a Great Film.


Mark P (gb) wrote: This movie was a waste of my time . The ending made no sense.

Grayson D (au) wrote: Interesting if dated film based on a John Cheever short story.

E L (kr) wrote: It's a bit full of stupid, but when it cheerfully bills itself with a ludicrous title, you know there's no pretensions about much. If anything, I'll give it credit for really going into impossible tangents that probably shouldn't have been reached.

Reginald R (us) wrote: Summer Fling was actually called The Last of the High Kings. They changed it for U.S video release. Now what the hell is the point of re-naming something that's already in english? I read some philosophy blogs today. They were great.

Met A (mx) wrote: best martial arts movie of the 90s

Victor J (es) wrote: It was one of the best parody film ever made on history

Dietrich B (fr) wrote: "COMING AROUND AGAIN."

Brad S (kr) wrote: A masterpiece from Japanese legend Kenji Mizoguchi features a great story and is a real technical achievement. This is the first Mizoguchi film I've seen, and I can now seen why he is held in the same regard as Ozu and Kurosawa as the big 3 of Japanese cinema. This is a MUST watch!

Patryk C (kr) wrote: When a man is convicted for a murder he didn't commit, his pretty and clever secretary goes on a hunt for the truth. Aided by an Inspector, who actually started to believe that Jack Marlow isn't the killer, she finds many clues but gets no answer until the very moody, traumatic and intense finale that will conclude the story in a game of life-and-death. Although there are some misses in the plot, it still is perfectly suspenseful and inviting. Great Ella Ranes only enhances the experience.

Cristina A (fr) wrote: Stood the test of time.

Jason E (jp) wrote: there is no way this is worse then the new street fighter movie

Ryan V (it) wrote: Chuck Norris and Lou Gossett, Jr. go on an Indiana Jones style treasure hunt through the jungle. You read that correctly. Not a good movie, but the premise, nostalgia, and cheese make it worth the viewing.

Landon J (jp) wrote: Remember The Titans is a true story about a football teams perseverance to overcome all odds. The year is 1971 and an African American coach, Herman Boone (Denzel Washington), has been hired to lead a newly segregated T.C. Williams football team. Not many people, including his assistant coach Bill Yoast (Will Patton), are a fan of blacks and whites playing on the same team. The problems society had with racism and discrimination are evident throughout the movie. Audiences get a look at the history of America including one of it's biggest issues; racism.The players eventually face a major decision: do they forget their hatred for the players of the other race in order to win or do they throw away a season out of this same hatred? Coach Boone hopes that if they see success on the field then they can overcome all the problems they face off of it. He uses many clever and inventive tactics in order to make the players realize that they aren't so different after all. One such tactic was taking the team on a pre dusk run to the Battle of Gettysburg memorial. The movie is a little predictable but the storyline and lessons taught overcome this. We begin to see high school kids overcome an issue that has troubled this country for decades and continues to do so today. There are many disturbing images such as racial slurs and riots that show us just how bad things used to be. The fact that these kids were able to put that all aside can truly be used as an inspiration to people of all ages and colors. With the great storyline and inspirational messages, Remember The Titans is a must see movie.