Na Ponta da Faca

Na Ponta da Faca

Adventures of a migrant who comes from Northeast Brazil to Rio de Janeiro, where he meets a prostitute. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvester K (au) wrote: Slightly deviated from the manga, Tokyo Fish Attack is still a terrifying story about the parasitic bio weapon running loose in Japan. The extra storyline involving envy was sort of stupid, there were a few other plot holes too but the animation style was stunning, certainly would satisfy many unsuspecting audience.

Brianna C (br) wrote: I'll admit, I do like the Twilight Saga, but I don't consider myself a Twihard. Honestly, I found this documentary pretty boring. It interviewed a few locals around Forks and La Push and spent the rest of the time interviewing hardcore fans. I'd skip this one unless you have nothing better to do.

Caroline S (it) wrote: nice if you like opera in the theatre, puzzling if you don't. However, the visual feast is well worth the ride for those who have an interest in Japan.

Breanna C (de) wrote: good movie. with a twist

Excelsis A (nl) wrote: Extremely hilarious!

Ken S (de) wrote: The horror short by Mark Bouchardt is not nearly as entertaining as the documentary that was made during much of it's production. In the doc, Mark comes off as a tad pretentious, believing himself better than others who work a normal 40 hour a week job, believing himself to be a true artist...yet here is the art. And it kind of stinks. It is pretentious, it is amateur, it isn't that entertaining. I know the production was hell for Mark...but there is barely even a spark of something I'd like to see more of. It is no better than most of the student films I had to sit through in film school.

pedro t (us) wrote: A very interesting slice of history, and an ambitious undertaking, but it falls short in my humble opinion. I just didnt care about any of the characters and although some of the scenes involving the various discussions of the war were well crafted and engaging it was all a bit of a tame affair. I was expecting to be much more emotionally involved but it failed to stir anything more than a deep sigh...

Porshia B (au) wrote: Rock a bye baby lol favorite part

Ritchie G (ca) wrote: Missed Opportunity for a stellar cast of Sammo Hung, Chow Yun Fatt and Huang Xiaoming. Too much melodrama, not enough sentiment. Too much action, not enough impact.

Andrew U (au) wrote: One of the great Canadian films. Gorgeous cinematography, interesting storyline. Even some unexpected surrealistic scenes. A powerful ending.

Andr D (au) wrote: Douglas Sirk es un director que abandon el cine en 1959, pero que no ha sido olvidado por directores como Quentin Tarantino o Pedro Almodvar. "All That Heaven Allows", un relato romntico sobre una viuda reprimida que se enamora de su joven jardinero, puede parecer lo ms "kitsch" del mundo, pero gracias al elegante manejo de la fotografa, los dilogos, el ritmo y la denuncia social de Sirk, es en realidad una bellsima obra de arte. El director Rainer Werner Fassbinder realiz un grandioso homenaje a esta pelcula llamado "Ali - Fear Eats The Soul" y Todd Haynes por su parte, hizo la magnfica "Far From Heaven" inspirado tambin en "All That Heaven Allows". Tantos autores de calidad no pueden equivocarse y usted como espectador tampoco. Este es un clsico.

Les E (fr) wrote: Fantastic story. The tension and intrigue built all the way through to a great climax. The best thing I have seen Crawford in.

Ken S (ca) wrote: The final Apes film (original series) is a fitting end to the franchise, it isn't the best of the series (that title remains with the original of course), it isn't even the best of the sequels (I'd say "Conquest") but as an end to the whole Apes series it is a decent way to go out. It brings the series full circle, ending where the original film had began. I found it quite interesting that neither side of the war seemed to be perfectly harmonious with each other; the fallout humans seemed to have their own inner conflicts while the apes had a clear conflict between Caesar and Aldo. I think it was nice that the Fallout Humans from "Beneath" got a little hint of an origin here, and the story itself is pretty decent. Granted, I think the battle of the title is pretty small scale and lame. All in all this ended up being a decent if slightly anti-climactic end to a pretty up and down series, no film ever managed to come close to topping the original, but it is a fun franchise nonetheless.

Brett R (ag) wrote: A bit quirky in places. But a great family story. Really brings home the wonder of space flight and the 'first' moon landing... the unexpected, heretofore unfathomable, sheer unimaginable (nonetheless believable and, who would have known, practical) aspects of it... in the minds of children (at least).. but also for children of all ages. A classic!

Grifty G (it) wrote: Well crafted film (about to be released on Criterion) about the US ski team in the late 60's. Micheal Ritchie creates a very real film that is almost like watching a Maysles' documentary at times (who could have foreseen he would go on to make movies like Bad News Bears and Fletch). Redford plays a role he perfected in his career, like Roy Hobbs, a no-nonsense talent who just wants to do the job his way without any b.s.. Hackman also portrays a character he would become well known for, the determined coach. Great camerawork and a great ending.