Na tebya upovayu

Na tebya upovayu


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Jojo H (mx) wrote: Was a very entertaining movie, and once it got going it never felt boring at all.

mike d (au) wrote: I really liked it....the city looked incredible...and i dont just seemed interesting...mind you....i have a thing for post apocalyptic science fiction.

Mark B (fr) wrote: Good actors, bad script.

Corpse M (kr) wrote: of course i iked this movie

Matt W (us) wrote: Really well done. Probably Michael Douglas's best performance of the past 20 years. Great performances from Robert Downey Jr. And Tobey Maguire too. Not much of a story, it's more about the love of the written word and great character development surrounding this college world.

Brian C (ag) wrote: I liked it even less upon the second viewing.

Lanfranco C (de) wrote: Looking for the sources of the Nile

altaaf h (au) wrote: a baby trys to posses an dead people of zomies

Zachary P (mx) wrote: Man, Cassavettes sure does let his actors act. Yeah, they're over the top, but the bleed on film without violence or puncture.

Tim S (us) wrote: Blood and Black Lace is a contender for one of the most beautifully photographed giallo films in the sub-genre. In fact, it was one of the first to feature many of the traits that giallo films would later become known for. Mario Bava's output during this timeframe had him really delving deeply into some stark, but beautiful visuals. This one in particular seems to be soaked in colors of all kinds. The story itself isn't too difficult to figure out, but it doesn't matter. It's well-acted and beautiful to look at.

Abel D (ru) wrote: Thought provoking slow burner, this Dreyer outing deals with a farming family and their crises of faith, and heavily dwells on the themes of religion, faith and personal conviction. The use of long takes and an almost Renaissance-styling to the composition give the film a mesmerizing power, even if it comes at the cost of pacing.

Michael T (ru) wrote: Not a bad little Film Noir with an early starring role for William Holden playing a tough railway cop who goes up against a viscous kidnapper played by Lyle Bettger. The film is set in the environs of Chicago's massive Union Station where the kidnapper and his accomplices hope to pick up their ransom despite the efforts of depot security and the city police. Like many pictures in this film cycle, there is a cynical outlook that moves beyond the simple apprehension of the criminals. The end sees Holden pursuing Bettger through the electrified tunnels under Union Station where the kidnap victim (a blind heiress) has been left.

IOnell S (ag) wrote: Las historias de suenos cumplidos de gente con talento son siempre inspiradoras. Uno de los primeros triufadores de realities busca talentos.

Kevin M (ag) wrote: Hunger Games on a train with a mindless amount of gratuitous violence (do we really need slow motion of the protagonist hacking people with an axe??). Plot implausibility at every turn. WTF. It's so ridiculous you can't possibly get engrossed in the silly gloom. Slap some flat dialog in there and make it 30 minutes too long and you have a real stinker.