Directed by K. Balachander, Drama film starring R. Muthuraman, Major Sundarrajan, K. R. Vijaya, Sowcar Janaki.

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Naanal torrent reviews

Kenny O (gb) wrote: Worst ending in movie ever!

Pinklama R (br) wrote: Loud, huge, dumb as fuck and with artificial hair glued all over him ...Recep - the man that every women finds irresistible.

Andy P (br) wrote: This impossibly fatuous, crass and obnoxiously unfunny joke of a movie is quite possibly the worst I've ever made myself sit through. The lazy, infantile writing is truly abhorrent (let's not forget to mention that sexual assault and harassment are played for laughs), the performers should all be sentenced for crimes against the acting profession and the Wayan brothers, plague that they are to mainstream comedy cinema, should be forever blacklisted from Hollywood. I've never been so offended or insulted by the existence of a movie as I have this piece of vomit inducing rubbish.

Tim D (br) wrote: Val Kilmer, what are you doing to me? Terrible, terrible movie. It would've been a half-star if I hadn't somewhat enjoyed watching Kilmer regardless. The plot was absolute garbage and the general cinematography was mediocre at best. The best thing that can be said about the movie is that Kilmer and Cole weren't terrible, but that is completely clouded by the awful script. It was a weak conspiracy to base a movie on. Also, I'm not sure why Kilmer suddenly turned into a special operatives champion, moving around open fields quickly and without being seen. He was just a standard marine, wasn't he? I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone I like, that's for sure.

Poncho E (it) wrote: Ralph Fiennes se pareca mucho a Bradley Cooper cuando era joven

Martin H (gb) wrote: Another quality sequel to the Lethal Weapon franchise with plenty of typical LW humour between Gibson, Glover and Pesci. Action sequences are solid too. 8/10

Rae (es) wrote: This is a very cool movie and I enjoy watching it

Scott M (us) wrote: Paul Newman gives another great performance in another great film from John Huston. The plot resembles "Spy Who Came In From The Cold" in some ways, but takes more of an action route. James Mason is good in his small role, and the Ireland locales are very cinematic.

Jaime R (ru) wrote: Underrated masterpiece from the late Mike Nichols.

Greg W (ru) wrote: one of the better 'psychological western" will make a perfect dbl feature with 'blood on the sun"

Amy V (it) wrote: Cole Porter's music in combination with Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell make for timeless classic.

Martin D (au) wrote: Bonkers B-movie. Underrated.