Naanu Nanna Kanasu

Naanu Nanna Kanasu

Naanu Nanna Kanasu is the depiction of a father’s narration of his own coming-of-age, with the birth and growth of his daughter. It is a remake of  tamil movie, “Abhiyum Naanum”.Uthappa (Prakash Raj), who encounters a chance to meet a young father Jayanth (Ramesh Aravind) and his daughter, on his morning walk. As they introduce themselves to each other, going past the hilarity of the nature of their rendezvous Uthappa begins to narrate to Jayanth how it was to bring up his own daughter, Kanasu (Amoolya).Sharing the better half of this journey of Uthappa’s, is his wife and soulmate Kalpana (Sithara) who is seen to be the saner voice in the Uthappa household. Being quite literally, a letter from a father to a daughter, the story stands testament to the oft-quoted

It is a story of intricacies of delicate relationships. The most predominant relationship focused in the is the father and a girl child. The story starts by Prakash Rai telling Ramesh, a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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