A young man and his lookalike team up to fight injustice and settle their personal scores with the evildoers.

The film features Ram Charan in dual roles: Cherry, a software engineer in Hyderabad, and Siddharth Naayak, an inspiring young leader in Kolkata fighting against an evil politician named Rawat. The film revolves around Cherry assisting Siddharth in the triumph of good over evil after their paths cross. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Naayak torrent reviews

Christopher H (nl) wrote: The story is good (while a bit grizzly in some spots), but the animation is really nothing to write home about.

Jeff Y (ag) wrote: The one that started it all is now 10 years old and a classic. Great cast, great story and we still like to "move it, move it"!

Rob A (es) wrote: Cheesy sci-fi with huge bugs.

Nicholas W (br) wrote: One of my favorite movies

Sara W (fr) wrote: It's good for a Sunday afternoon. Kind of vacant. No real strong emotions invoked except some inappropriate lust for Alan Rickman, whose mustache is much improved from Truly, Madly, Deeply (which was released later, but I'm betting was filmed earlier).

Raj D (gb) wrote: This movie has the same name as the Hunting Party released in 2007 starring Richart Gere. But this 1971 movie is a western and there are no similarities between the two.Brandt Ruger (Gene Hackman) is a rich, ruthless, cruel, sadistic, womanizer rancher who sadomises his wife Melissa Ruger (Candice Bergen). Frank Caldler (Oliver Reed) is a tender hearted dacoit who kidnaps Melissa, rapes her and later falls in love with her. Brandt pursues Frank?s band with vengeance to get his wife back. Seeing Frank?s tenderness Melissa also starts liking Frank. Brutally and with numbing coldness Brandt starts shooting Frank?s band, while doing that he realizes that his wife prefers Frank over him. I won?t tell you the ending.This is a western movie in its true sense. It has got brilliant scenary, horses, rugged men, action, and blood. This was director Don Medford?s first movie (earlier he was a TV director). He directed 6 movies between 1971-74, and went back to making TV episodes till 1988. He had a powerful story of love, passion, bravery, tragedy on hand ? and I should say that he did a good justice to it. I could imagine that in 1971, the violence in the movie could had been over the top and hard to digest ? but in today?s terms it is just a whimper. This was the first movie I saw of Oliver Reed, and he is a great actor ? has his old style of acting and working. Gene Hackman as a cruel and sadist rancher is un-predictably brilliant. Candice Bergen looks beautiful.Another mention should be made of the original score, sound and songs ? all are very pleasing and nice.If someone wants to see a real good western action movie ? this could be the one, to spend an afternoon or evening on.(Stars 6.75 out of 10)

Cathy W (br) wrote: Luo Yi is a great lover

Paul D (kr) wrote: This could be described as a spoof rather than a Carry On. I love the fact that is was obviously shot in Britain which in no part looks like the Wild West.

Giovannius D (jp) wrote: Yet another film that was years ahead of its time. Considering the era that the film was made in, the special effects were superb.

Matthew D (ru) wrote: A great plot, but filmed with an odd detachment; this is the first truly prototypical Hitchcock thriller yet it lacks the edge that would give it the consistent emotional investment and suspense to be as successful as the formula came to be.

Ryan V (gb) wrote: "Dirty" Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) appeared to have given up being a police officer in the closing scene of his first movie, but box office success demanded a sequel and we find him working in stakeout as this film begins. However, that all changes once a gang of vigilante cops begin mowing down every criminal in San Francisco who slips between the cracks of the justice system. The trendsetting characteristics of Dirty Harry had already begun to calcify into genre cliches by the time Magnum Force premiered. Like many action sequels, most of Magnum Force's efforts go into "upping the ante" by adding more fight scenes, increasing the body count, and making the gunfight and car chase sequences both longer and much more elaborate. Nothing in Magnum Force will blow anyone's mind, but it's filmed with professionalism and it should entertain anyone with a fondness for the renegade movie cop who does things his own way.

Eric S (br) wrote: DeNiro's best!!! LMAO