Nabbie no koi

Nabbie no koi

The film tells the story of a small community on a small island in Okinawa, Japan. Especially it focusses on the story of a grandma named Nabbie, but although it's her story told in the ...

The film tells the story of a small community on a small island in Okinawa, Japan. Especially it focusses on the story of a grandma named Nabbie, but although it's her story told in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kelly C (gb) wrote: I wish I could rate this one higher because the premise sounded interesting. I've been in a situation much like this. Many I know have been in situations like this...Minus the pissy stolidness, and general unlikeability that seems to hang around Wendy's head. Every scene seemed to drag out impossibly long, saturating the audience with Wendy's pessimism. I "get" what the movie is trying to prove - being poor is hard. I completely disagree with the other premise of the movie "people are not very nice to poor people". We are led to believe this in the movie because Wendy doesn't really ask for help. It would cramp her style, I guess. For such a small town, we're supposed to believe the homeless shelter/food bank has a line out the door like they sometimes do in big cities. Of course, instead of patiently waiting her turn...Wendy bolts. She doesn't find the nearest church. She doesn't make a cardboard sign. She doesn't offer to carry groceries outside of the grocery store for tips. Instead, she steals a can of dog food and we're supposed to feel sorry for her and praise her nobility in doing so. They make the store clerk who busts her as annoying as possible to drive the point home. "The world hates the poor!" By the end of the movie, I couldn't stomach Wendy because she was ABLE-BODIED, nothing was stopping her, and she didn't even TRY. I have been in a situation just as bad and have known some in WORSE situations who have gone on to succeed because they develop a will to survive. This was what I was hoping to see in this movie - A person who had everything turned against them who fought back. Instead, I see a girl with no personality or spark meandering through scenes with a permanent "poor me" blank face. Her poor choices make no sense (driving from Indiana to Alaska to get a job). Hello - Why not work at the local 7-11 in Indiana and save money until you have a safety net to afford that move? Ugh. The unfortunate thing is that there are a LOT of Wendys in this world who want to live their life whimsically, void of responsibility to do what they WANT to do without a logical thought or plan to make steps towards what they want. Then, they wonder why they end up struggling. In this case, Wendy could be a great 'what NOT to do' tale, but I have the feeling this was just one of those "life sucks" movies that's supposed to make you cry and get upset over the injustice that some people make smart choices in their lives and their pocketbook reflects it. I'm over this crap. Show me a movie with a crippled veteran. Not an able-bodied sulky brat who does dumb things.

Keri H (fr) wrote: A great comedy that reminds me of Ferris Buller's day off. Jackson Rathbone gave an amazing performance as Snippy and Tara Reid did well as the older sister. This movie made me laugh and is one I will watch again!

Giorgio P (jp) wrote: Highly emotional and hypnotic. An impressive and thrilling masterpiece

Fergus B (de) wrote: Very interesting docunmentary on the rise of afro-reggae music among young people in one favela in Rio and its role as an alternative to the drug fuelled violence that is widespread there. Eye opening and definately worth checking out.

Saba Z (de) wrote: kinda liked this sad flick!

Bill R (ag) wrote: I thought this was a really well done independent movie.

Mr N (jp) wrote: Taken is a great action film with a good plot, great action scenes and a great performance by Liam Neeson who proves to be of intimidating stature in this film. Definitely check this film out!

Jamie B (it) wrote: Kind of a mess, but in an innocent-enough, entertaining kind of way. I will forever associate "But It's Alright" with this movie.

LaMonica W (ru) wrote: Heartbreaking to know this really happened

Tuomas S (ag) wrote: Tst ois kyll helposti saanu hyvinkin hauskan eik Tom Hanks ollu ees rsyttv. Suurin plussa kuitenkin John Candylle, niin kun aina!

Raji K (us) wrote: Eddie Murphy stars a Detroit Police Officer named Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop. He is a loose cannon cop in Detroit, but when he finds his friend killed, he decides to investigate the case on his own in Beverly Hills. He does not have jurisdiction, so he is must also local enforcment as well (Judge Reinhold and John Ashton). As he investigates the murder he comes across a corrupt art dealer who is dealing drugs, and needs to get all sides to believe his story. Beverly Hills cop is a definitive movie for cop/action movies in the 80s. The cheesy music, the one liners and a decent blend of action/comedy.

cli o (es) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Miles H (ru) wrote: If when we get what we want, doesn't necessarily make us happy, what is loneliness then?

Justin M (au) wrote: Sometimes it's so bad it's funny, sometimes it's just plain bad. It's no wonder Kubrick disowned it. Recommended only if you REALLY want to see Kubrick's first feature.

Ian R (us) wrote: Along with the General one of the best films ever made by comedy legend Buster Keaton

Chucky (nl) wrote: December 9th 2009July 31st 2012November 30th 2013November 14th 2014December 8th 2015December 14th 2016

Austin C (nl) wrote: great movie. captures the human element very well.

Matthew H (es) wrote: Do you like movies where the camping college kids all get killed except that one girl? Then this movie is right up you're alley but you must like comedy with your horror! A Must-see