Nachalo nevedomogo veka

Nachalo nevedomogo veka

Three unconnected episodes united by a common theme: the establishment of the Soviet rule in Russia during the civil war of the early 1920s. Depicts dramatic events in simple lives of peasants and soldiers.

Two medium-length films by first-time directors Larisa Shepitko and Andrei Smirnov. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason C (de) wrote: I heard people talking about this and they said it was good. No, it isn't. I don't get it and I am glad I don't. But more power to these people if it makes em happy but this isn't an interesting documentary in any way.

Jeff L (it) wrote: A disjointed narrative, subpar acting, and an easily weak script only spells a poor output....the male lead is somewhat of a highlight.

Jake J (ru) wrote: Hubble 3D is a documentary about a space crew sent up to repair the Hubble space telescope. Seeing this in 70mm IMAX 3D was both overwhelming and breathtaking. being able to see every detail of the mission projected onto a 7 story IMAX screen made me feel like I was floating in space with the astronauts. The 3D was incredible. I have hated 3D systems like Real D 3D. but IMAX 3D has to be the best 3D

The W (ca) wrote: Rach: Crap. Capitol 'C'.

Pete S (ru) wrote: An intense thriller with a twisted ending. Definitely not a must see film, but it is thought provoking. You know the kind of movie you'd see on network TV that makes you ask yourself- what would I do if this were me?

Brandon P (de) wrote: the best football movie ive ever seen so good that this movie fits my top 10 thts all that needs to be said.

Domenico V (es) wrote: It's great if you like Buzz

Russell H (ca) wrote: Bruce Willis was a bad ass in this. Slowed down a bit toward the end but not bad.

Kaleigh D (ag) wrote: i loved this movie as a kid nd i still love now nd its a rly good movie

Mohammed H (nl) wrote: action and strong it is all because of some thing wrong in pipes of petrolium and some business man wants to get some workers in to troubles because of that so STEVEN SEAGAL does his best to discover the truth and getthe man (owner of the factory )into real troubles

Tino P (us) wrote: It gets a little to absurd, even by art house french film standards.

Gordon C (us) wrote: I haven't seen the cut-down American release of this film, but since I understand they chopped out about half of the movie, one can only surmise that they must obviously have left an awful lot out. I wanted to see it in its entirety and so ordered it on DVD from Germany. Fortunately, since my German isn't great, most of the dialogue is in English. There are a few scenes in French, in which I'm also not fluent enough to understand every line, but you can get the general gist.And it is worth a look. I think I'll have to watch it a few more times - its' the kind of movie that probably improves upon repeated viewing.

GhostShadow X (it) wrote: This is one of my favorite 80's movies. Jon Cryer does a good job in this hilarious movie.

Vincent P (gb) wrote: Both the Japanese and American cuts are fun little monster movies in and of themselves (and dare I say even a little underrated).

Anthony G (kr) wrote: Not bad. Kept my interest for the duration.

Jared H (jp) wrote: Cool performance by Bing Crosby in an otherwise slow film.

Joshua E (au) wrote: Gerard Butler cannot sing. He has no breath support, and his voice is not right for the Phantom at all. The costumes and set design in this movie take my breath away, though.

Ahmed G (au) wrote: not a bad movie at all.and i have to say i really never expected the twist in the endgood thriller

danil b (us) wrote: I loved the book, but while watching the film, I just wanted to turn the thing off, which, in the end, I did. I found it lacking. Void.

Ray C (ru) wrote: Great start but plot bogs down in the middle. Dialogue is tedious and uneventful. This could have been a B movie classic but falls short.