Nacho Mountain

Nacho Mountain

Keefer has a talent. He can eat. So when he gets fired from his job, finds his girl getting banged by a tranny, then gets a ticket, he finds he has no direction. Its not until his good ...

Keefer has a talent. He can eat. So when he gets fired from his job| finds his girl getting banged by a tranny| then gets a ticket| he finds he has no direction. Its
not until his good friend Meegosh sets up FOOD WARS| an underground food eating competition in his friends basement. Word gets out and everybody in town wants a
piece of the champ. But its not until the towns healthy Mayor Fingstal tries to shut things down using his two cronies| Officer Slivjack and Biggsley| thats when
things really heat up. Then it all comes down to one final food battle from hell| the Nacho Mountain! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Kara H (nl) wrote: Pretty good until the last 15-20 mins. It just gets silly, almost like they were rushed to end production.

Greg W (mx) wrote: just ok at least the music they use is gr8

Bill R (gb) wrote: So, I think this movie could of been promising if it wasn't so long. Started off well but then it started to lose it's edge with the same sex related jokes and then the fart jokes came and I really lost intrest. Sure they can be funny, but in this I started wondering how much longer at about thirty minutes in. I finished it and it did have some funny moments but other then that, not the greatest spoof ever.

RE E (it) wrote: Dated production but still some great scenes, the current Pope, Benedict XVI, was a humble Monsignor who consulted on this film when it was made in the 70s.

Michelle E (de) wrote: just wasn't for me. I was extremely bored through the whole thing. And the ending just made me go WTH?

Scott A (mx) wrote: This has to be one the craziest plots I have ever seen in a movie. After a massive war, the world is left with little males, so the few that are left, if able, must knock up all the fertile women to make more guys. Enter Piper, who apparently has what women need.So he is sent with a few army ladies into Frogtown, an actual town where mutant frogs have evolved, to save a bunch of women and then knock them up.Of course all that crazy plot basically disappears 36 minutes into the film when it becomes more an action movie of Piper vs the giant frogs.The frog effects are decent, but Piper needed to have more charisma here, which he has shown in spades in other films.It does seem to get redundant after awhile too.

Nina S (br) wrote: Tytt sontaa. Ihan lyttmi kohtauksia ja nyttelijit/nyttelijsuorituksia. Ainoa mit menisin kehumaan on Johnny Deppin paljas pylly! =D

Steve J (mx) wrote: Strong violence and graphic sex (by the standards of that time), among other qualities, distinguish this excellent horror thriller from the later years of Hammer Studios. Out of a simple set-up -- a vampire is put to death by concerned villagers, only to be resurrected 15 years later by a band of black magicians who run a traveling circus -- director Robert Young is able to wring some real tension, not to mention a few genuine shocks. Even children are not safe in the beautiful but dangerous world he creates. The set design and cinematography are outstanding, and this may well be one of the best of all vampire films (and that would be a short list indeed). Would make a great double bill with another classic Hammer vampire tale, Twins of Evil.

Kris B (au) wrote: You feel for Hester, you really do. If you have a fear for love then this won't help your condition at all. Amazing performances from both Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston, who once again manages to a play an arsehole that you just want to cuddle because he's just misunderstood. Then there's Simon Russell Beale who plays the homely husband who you wish was enough.

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