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Michelle A (us) wrote: Very funny, even though it's short =))

Albert v (it) wrote: Horrible, horrible movie. Everything from start to finish is really bad. And not cult-bad. No, just plain bad.Movies like this makes you wonder if there was any screening prior to the release, and how this god-awful product has been financed.Warning: save yourself the time and money, and keep searching for another movie to spend your night with.

Dickie L (nl) wrote: A sweet, sad love story set during China's cultural revolution. Zhang Yimou has switched from sweeping epics to intimate dramas throughout his career, and this definitely belongs in the latter group, although the narrative is more full-bodied than many of his dramas, which can be quite slight. The leads are attractive and their characters engaging, and of course, the cinematography is always beautiful.

Adam W (it) wrote: This is absolute fucking garbage. I feel as if half a star is too generous..

Alan V (it) wrote: Entertaining and well cast, but with an inevitably unsatisfying ending. Raises some interesting ideas about koalas.

Julieta R (kr) wrote: Una mezcla de pelcula cruda, divertida y con final feliz. Vanla! Est en la Cineteca

Jane D (mx) wrote: May is an awkwardly lovable girl just trying to fit in, after suffering from a very lonely childhood. Like other movies by Lucky McKee, the plot tends to be a bit scattered and can be a bit slow at times, but it still remains enjoyable to watch. The movie is a bit of a roller coaster ride with minor ups and downs that will make you both smile and cringe, until you reach the final hill with a painful progression and a breathtaking yet obvious ending.

Casey M (gb) wrote: Slow burning and tense. Tom Hanks is absolutely magnetic in this traffic tale of father and son.

Adam A (ca) wrote: It is sad to see that the circuits in the "Bicentennial Man" are lacking of substance and originality, even though it flowers a dynamic cast and lots of cry moments.

Anna B (mx) wrote: Depressingly stupid in a bad way, with some unforgivably bad jokes and attempts at parody. Though there are some fun moments of slapstick and violence, and Chow is mildly entertaining as his usual hyper-competent naf, it's not enough. (I also got tricked into watching an awful dub.)

Adam M (mx) wrote: Horror based on Stephen Kings book. Cat lovers may find themselves a bit distubed at the beginning as we see a house surrounded by hung cats. Later, we find the reason behind this is a couple of shapeshifters, a young man and middle aged woman, who move from place to place, finding human prey. When pretty student Madchen Amick(who previously played a fit waitress in Twin Peaks) falls for the young man, unaware of his shapeshifting ways, it seems shes in for a whole world of shit. This isn't bad considering I never have high expectations of Stephen King adaptations but this has a few unintentionally funny moments, especially towards the end, a couple of questionable moments(how can they make a car invisible?Or change its make?!) and cameo's from Tobe Hooper, Clive Barker, John Landis, Joe Dante and King himself so this is worth a look for horror fans despite not being anything special.

Ken S (mx) wrote: Christopher Lee returns for his second outing as the famed vampire, in Hammer's third entry in their Dracula series, while the film is solid enough with plenty of atmosphere and a decent (though simple) plot, it is a bit of a shame that Lee never says a word in the entire picture, only hisses at people. He is menacing, but I like Dracula a little more talky than Frankenstein's monster.

Faith R (au) wrote: Rita Hayworth was absurdly beautiful and made every single one of her films a viewing pleasure. Team her dancing feet with those of Fred Astaire and you have choreographic magic. Splendid.

Claudia C (ag) wrote: I don't 7nderstand the need to compare it to other musicals. If you rate it out its own merit it is fun and the songs are perfect love the 80's and love this movie