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Connor S (ru) wrote: I'm a die hard football fan and I couldn't buy anything this movie was trying to sell. Uninteresting and forced romance along with unbelievable characters and finale make sure Draft Day is a bust.

Mad M (br) wrote: This is like staring at a screen with continuously changing pictures that make no sense what so ever.

Zachary Y (gb) wrote: it gets one star only because of Ray Wise, who is always amazing.

Corey G (kr) wrote: Reminds me of an old French romantic movie. Enjoyable to watch yet i can't figure out what the Brazilian music has to do with the movie.

Justin C (de) wrote: Oh wow, I had forgotten about this piece of shit. I wish it had stayed that way.

Mohammad H (us) wrote: A more cerebral version of The Matrix. Mamoru Oshii's Avalon is not a film for every one. Its very slow paced, filled to the brim with the discussions about the nature of reality and did I mentioned, slow paced? However, for fans of more thought provoking SciFi will enjoy this film. Personally, I think that it is Mamoru Oshii's own reaction to The Matrix, which itself was inspired by his masterpiece, Ghost in the Shell.

Thomas K (jp) wrote: One of the best films of it's type and if you can see it with the commentary then that's all the better.

Michael R (br) wrote: It's fascinating to see the transformations from the students' initial interviews to where they are at this point. A superb installment of a groundbreaking documentary series.

Chris N (jp) wrote: My personal favorite of his stand-up movies. Really great stuff that still holds up.

O S (ru) wrote: Nice. slow and too long

Tanner B (jp) wrote: Last Tango in Paris (1972) ??? 1/2Extremely controversial movie with frighteningly powerful performance by Marlon Brando as sexually-charged American who meets young Parisian woman and demand their relationship be based solely on sex. A mesmerizing odyssey, with bold strokes a stunning trend. Tough going at times, but a truly remarkable film. Brando's lead performance is among the all-time greats. Raw explicit dialogue and staggering sex scenes makes this not serviceable to everyone's taste.

Bob W (kr) wrote: May be disjointed for some, but there are very mature and thoughtful themes examined about difficulties and choices in marriage. Has moments of powerful emotion, light-hearted fun, despair, hope, and the uncertain future together.

Rod G (ru) wrote: Contando con grandiosos efectos visuales "Fantastic Voyage" demuestra ser una joya de la ciencia ficcin por su inteligente y emocionante viaje al cuerpo humano y se mantiene igual de asombrosa hasta la fecha.

Krystin D (es) wrote: If anyone has the super channel this is free right now and I highly recommend watching if if you in philosophy.

Ben R (au) wrote: This movie is at the top next to menace 2 society as my all time favorite gangster movie. It gives great storytelling.

Divit K (ag) wrote: Shrek is a a family fun for all ages. Shrek is Love Shrek is Live

Barney o (fr) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: Effectively a 'Rom-com for guys,' this film will have you laughing and (perhaps worryingly) getting attached to the characters. 'The Imbetweeners Movie,' manages to play to the strengths of the TV franchise, whilst giving it an ok story to allow the characters to develop. WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Like any old average rom-com, nothing stands out for being particularly great. It'll while away a few hours, but you wont really get overly emotionally involved, or as hysterical as you might find yourself during a TV show. In fact, the humor is forced here, and that's a big problem.VERDICT: It's fun and not as bad as you might think. but it's not that great either.