Young Franciszek witnesses a church painting theft and films it. He is not going to reveal the perpetrator to the police, however, but to blackmail him.

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Craig J (us) wrote: A creepy and twisty--and, at times, downright scary--little gem of a ghost story!

Cole W (it) wrote: The special effects are impressive, but it doesn't change the fact that most of the movie is dull, and not really intense.

Haydn F (gb) wrote: I found it really funny, with poignant reminders of the real-life struggle of the Armenians in the modern world.

Marlon H (nl) wrote: Really wanted to give this more stars but the blond tagger reminded me why I hate most graffiti. Up until then it had done a great job of presenting the history of graffiti even if some of the segments were a bit short.

Stefan G (ca) wrote: You might be inclined to think that this movie is worse than its predecessor, you'd be wrong. While some of the flaws from the previous movie are still present, and even though it doesn't follow the Pokmon games much, it's actually an improvement over the first Pokmon movie, if you can believe that. The story is alright, and the writing isn't as cheesy as the first Pokmon movie, but it isn't particularly clever. Then again, can I really expect anything clever from a movie with "2000" in the title? The characters aren't too special, but the acting, for the most part, is tolerable. The villain, on the other hand, has pretty decent voice acting, better even than most of the other characters, even though it isn't incredibly special. The animation has clearly been brought up to a marginally higher standard, which is good because the battles between the legendary Pokmon are quite eye-catching. Best of all, the film is paced decently well, and it's not nearly as corny as its predecessor. Even though it has its flaws, and even though it's more enjoyable for kids, I'm honestly much more comfortable watching this movie than the first Pokmon movie, and that in itself says quite a lot about the first Pokmon movie.

Steve S (ag) wrote: I didn't like it. It was sad and a little boring. It was well acted but the plot was a little weak. I don't really recommend it.

Lilian W (it) wrote: Woody Allen's tribute to Film Noir is quite messy

Tony Raul G (it) wrote: I Loved Every Minute of This Picture!!!!

Cornelius H (es) wrote: Well, you can tell by the way I act, I'll be a shitty director, no time to talk.

Jacob E (gb) wrote: Another entertaining Capra film.

Raji K (ca) wrote: Christina Ricci and Samuel L. Jackson star in Black Snake Moan. Ricci is Rae, a southern, trashy like girl that doesn't mind sleeping around. She is in a relationship with Ronnie (Justin Timberlake), but he is off to join the army. Jackson is Lazarus, a man who is struggling with the fact that his wife has just left him, claiming she does not love him anymore. Rae takes drugged, and gets raped and beat up and left for dead on the side of the road by one of Ronnie's friends, and Lazarus finds her.Lazarus nurses her back to health but figures there is more to play than the fact that she was beaten. He decides to chain her up and figure out what the root of her problem is, and if he can fix her. He must resist the temptation of taking advantage of her despite getting the okay from Rae. Rae resists her imprisonment at first at first, but the two begin to bond and bring out the best in each other. Rae learns to help overcome her libido, and ties it to the fact she was abused as a child. Lazarus learns to heal from his wife losing him, and gain the confidence to play the blues live again. Black Snake Moan is a tough movie to gauge. The movie seems to not have a purpose for a majority of the film. Ricci is sexy and puts on an underrated performance as the troubled sex addicted young girl. Jackson puts on a soulful performance as well. The two have solid chemistry, but the plot and the means the two go on to helping each other just makes for an unconventional film. For me this was a movie about addiction, temptation and recovery and the troubles will each of these phases. The movie is raw, emotional and charged by good performances. People attribute many aspects of this film to the music of the blues, but I do not know the genre well enough to make the connection. I still enjoyed the movie for the most part, but it's hard to recommend it beyond that.-12.20.2016

Thomas B (fr) wrote: Grade - B-'Blood Diamond' showcases an amazing performance from South African DiCaprio, and features likeable characters surrounded by world of chaos and destruction. Issues with the movie lie with it's erratic pacing, overlong run time and ultimately cliche story, which is done in such a way that you know the ending way before you should do. Overall though, a solid drama for a rainy day.

Esteban G (au) wrote: Really silly to link the great film The Graduate with a bunch of bad ideas. Quite disappointed by Reiners film.

Bob L (de) wrote: Great 50's B movie classic. Effects very good for the time and budget (sci fi was always given a lower budget than any other film until Forbidden Planet by MGM). Shots of 'giant animals' in their cages are very slick and the spider itself done very well. Apart from lines like "Jumpin Jupiter" and the very, very quick ending, the script could stand the test of time (although we now know the old 'nature + radiation = monster' plot has been done to death). A very charming a well executed bit of fluff.

John K (es) wrote: It has a couple plot holes that you could drive a truck through, but an otherwise fun, creepy film that plays on primal fear. The film is carried wholeheartedly by a young cast who is game to go next-level bonkers and keep the shenanigans exciting.

alex k (ca) wrote: cons: takes over an hour for something to happen

Simon D (ca) wrote: There are some really funny moments in this mockumentary. Woody Allen sort of reminds me of Stan Laurel a bit in this, at least he has that look of a bewildered idiot genius. The film does have a bit of a lull in the middle but the rest is good solid comedy.