It was much hyped as the makers and the main protagonist claimed it was a comeback of Srikant to hardcore action flicks once again...

It was much hyped as the makers and the main protagonist claimed it was a comeback of Srikant to hardcore action flicks once again... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher H (gb) wrote: "Cutie And The Boxer" is the story of the artistic couple, Noriko and Ushio Shinohara, living in their Manhattan flat attempting to make ends meet through their art. Having moved from Japan to the United States, Ushio found slight stardom from his transition into the New York art scene. His sculptures made from recycled cardboard and his paintings made from his boxing with a canvas made him someone to watch. In 1969, Ushio met Noriko and 40 years later, they're still married. However, Noriko seems to have regrets, having dealt with Ushio's alcoholism and living in his professional shadow, being an aspiring artist herself. The documentary follows the couple in their everyday life, eating dinner with their son at their home, arguing on an elevator on the way to their studio, and painting alongside one another, supporting each others work along the way. While Ushio takes out his aggressions with boxing gloves and paint on canvas, Noriko finds solace in her passive aggressive series of paintings featuring a naked woman named Cutie and an abusive, alcoholic husband named Bullie. My favorite part of the film is the slow motion paint-ladened boxing match between the couple at the end of the film. There's something so poetic about this sequence and really ties the film together, grounding it in the beauty and messiness of art. Acclaimed at last year's Sundance and recognized as a nominee at the 86th Academy Awards, "Cutie And The Boxer" sets out to present something unique by way of the couple's art but their personal struggles end up front and center. At a short 82 minutes long and designed as more of a character study, this couple and their squabbles are tolerable in small doses. You wonder why the couple is still together, but then you realize a universal truth about relationships and the struggles of human nature and monogamy, no matter how much you love someone, you are never going to get along with them all the time. This is summed up by an innocent conversation between the two regarding their pseudo-characters in Noriko's paintings: "Cutie hates Bullie?" "No, Cutie loves Bullie so much."

Ed F (fr) wrote: I had no interest in seeing this but unfortunately, I was out voted. In the end, my gut feeling was proven more than right. This was really lame and the humor was just too slapstick and juvenile. Dax should should find a new hobby.

Danielle J (kr) wrote: Not a bad film, but also not a good one. Loved the black humor though :)

Jimmy T (ru) wrote: Wonderful, albeit - brief (constraints of a film) overview of some interesting philosophical concepts. I despised the ending at first, but now I've come to find it appropriate. I think at the time I saw it I was really just hoping for the film to be about one concept only to have it resolve on another. Nothing to despise about that, it just irked me at the time.

Lee H (de) wrote: Only has the quality of a TV episode, except longer

Brad S (ag) wrote: I admit it, I love these movies. I've seen all 3 several times, and love 'em all. This one has the introduction of "Mini-me" and "Fat Bastard", and also the lovely Heather Graham, as well as Lenny Kravitz's cover of "American Woman". I laughed out loud again even though I know the film so well. Recommended for a silly laugh.

Grant K (jp) wrote: An engrossing, grossly underrated film that wins because of the gritty reality that surrounds high school football.

Emily L (us) wrote: Gory, perverse, disturbing, and remarkable.

Jan B (nl) wrote: Amazing little dialog movie.

Eric H (fr) wrote: The 'Up Series' represents one of the most fascinating and unusual uses of film in cinema history.I wondered to myself many times where I would be in 7 years. I even felt a bit jealous that I didn(TM)t have a camera crew checking in with me at regular intervals. It(TM)s a fascinating series that everyone should see.

Jeff B (de) wrote: This felt like a bad Big Chill.

Benjamin N (nl) wrote: Extremely well made minus the really lame sex scene.

Joe J (nl) wrote: This damn movie aggressively tried as hard as it could for THREE DAMN HOURS to turn one of the most fascinating and badass real life stories of all time into the most boring and somber film about assassins ever.

Leif F (kr) wrote: As a movie, this is pretty mediocre stuff, but as a history lesson, it's borderline criminal. I'm not LDS, or frankly even a sympathizer, but I know a hatchet job when I see one. The filmmakers claimed the intent was to show how religious extremism can lead good people astray, but the only impression one could get from this movie is that Mormons are bad news (or at least used to be). The terrible persecutions suffered by Mormons, the circumstances of the Utah War that provide context for the events, the many doubts about the role of the LDS hierarchy in ordering or condoning the massacre - all of this gets short shrift. Instead of an instructive story about one of the darkest deeds in American history and the complex events surrounding it, focusing on what we actually *know* about what happened, we get this terribly slanted anti-Mormon screed. The only good thing I can say about it is that it got me to read more about the Utah War, a fascinating episode in our history about which I knew very little. But you can just go to the library or Wikipedia to read up, no need to waste time on this nasty piece of work. And yes, it must be said, the fact that this was released in an election year, starring a highly visible supporter (Voight) for the opponent (Giuliani) of a Mormon presidential candidate (Romney), just stinks to high heaven; it'd sure be interesting to know how and where the financing for this project got the green light.

Darrin C (es) wrote: Anthony Perkins fell a long way from Psycho and this movie seems like a student project gone bad. It was poorly constructed and not nearly as creepy as the writers meant for it to be. This was a complete flop and is why you never heard of it!

Thomas K (us) wrote: In the late 90's films of classic television programs were really popular and sci-fi has always been popular so this should have pretty much been a cakewalk. What happened. Good actors with nothing of real interest to do and a director without a vision is what happened. There are some nifty effects and that's about all.