Nagarathil Samsara Vishayam

Nagarathil Samsara Vishayam

Gopinatha and his friend Samson are in a fix when they find a box containing Rs. 40 lakh in cash. They try to hide it but the owner of the cash gets to know.

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Serge L (kr) wrote: I am partial to epic stories of ancient times. It brings to life legendary characters. It is sad that the works of Hypatia were mostly lost. The film depicts all religions and religious people as easily manipulated into murder by their fanatics. Not sure how accurate this can be. The early christians had a woman disciple of Jesus and a version of her gospels was discovered not too long ago. This might have been known in Hypatia times so their anti-female rhetoric may not be that accurate. Hypatia seems to have been better than depicted in the film as well.

Nathan H (gb) wrote: After watching so many serious and haunting documentaries on '60s-era revolution in the United States ("The Weather Underground," "Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst," "Sir! No Sir!"), it was refreshing to finally watch a more whimsical and humorous depiction of the 1968 protests at the Democratic National Convention. Through a completely re-enacted (and animated) courtroom scene for the famous "Chicago 10" (the scapegoats who were tried and convicted for all that went wrong with the protests), animated back-story interviews, and gritty archival footage, the filmmakers are able to showcase not simply the anger of the American public, and the American youth, at the sorry state of affairs in Vietnam, but also the infectious nature of revolution. We see in this documentary how easy it is to get swept up in protest when the establishment is clearly wrong, and when you sense the blood in the water: that you must do something, anything, to disrupt the power structure, and that you are on the right side of the battle. The film, of course, also contains some of the grittiest and most violent footage that I've ever seen of the police beatings at the protests. Some of it is very, very disturbing, as we watch pissed-off police just lunge at the crowd and start swinging night sticks wildly. Were they right to be pissed off that their power structure was crumbling? Sure. But it feels like watching a parent--annoyed at their child for making too much noise--beat the child senseless. And we get to see the truly evil nature of some of Chicago's old political establishment; it almost feels like "Gangs of New York," the politicians reducing to sub-human those who disagree with them or who would threaten their image...In fact, some of the archival footage is so violent and shocking that I would compare it to footage from some of the old Civil Rights marches. Yes, circumstances were very different, but some of the violence and disregard for human life are very similar. And to be honest, "Chicago 10" is most interesting for how it showcases the dramatic difference between modern protests (Tea Parties, Iraq protests) and the protests of 1968. We see, pretty clearly, that the '68 protesters were very much like Civil Rights marchers, as they were indeed fighting to protect our right to free speech and freedom of assembly. In the face of a mayor who boldly proclaimed that he would suppress any protests, and who was vocal about using violence to suppress the protests, we have thousands of young people who gathered in Chicago anyway. Whether you agree with the politics or not is irrelevant; as you watch, you continually ask yourself, "Can I imagine any of this happening to the Tea Partiers today?" In the end, then, you begin to see that the risks that these protesters made did indeed protect our freedoms.

Gregory W (kr) wrote: highly stylized the action is intense but the story told through mostly non-linear flashbacks is a little muddled as two brothers seperated in early childhood must find their way back together after being raised one at the gate by an uncle the other by a gangster the age old story of good vs evil played out in a family setting. it is thoough one of the better comic book to movie adaptation.

Noah C (es) wrote: it's wierd but my 4year old cuzin David loved it

Anneke V (de) wrote: Made in BelgiumSay no more!know what I mean?(nudge nudge ;-)

Munaah K (de) wrote: Atul Kulkarni is creep, scary and amazing as the psycho cop "Encounter Shanker"..Vivek is awesome too..the only movie of his that I actually liked..

Colm M (mx) wrote: Its Ken Loach. Thats all you need to know. If you didn't know that's all you need to know then you need to watch some Ken Loach movies. It should be obvious by now that I don't rehash the synopsis when reviewing movies. I just tell you what you need to know.............. Its Ken Loach.

Tim N (ag) wrote: fascinating and fabulous. love this film.

adam u (ca) wrote: Great Movie love everyone that was cast in it and the GREATEST QB EVER does a cameo JIM McMAHON it the best for what lil screen time he gets

Phillip G (br) wrote: a love story that mix musical, comedy, avant-garde elements and the new invention, sound.poetic story, beautiful editing, great directing.

Matt G (jp) wrote: Clooney's directorial debut is messy but full of spirit. An incredible true story about an infamous TV producer and his secret life. Think Linklater's "Bernie", only darker. Super cool and slick, with some great freshman-era cinematic style and a brilliant turn by Rockwell.

Derek W (mx) wrote: Never as funny as it wants to be, Ghost World offers a semi-entertaining take on a journey everyone goes through.

Lindsay E (es) wrote: Very clever kids film. Surprisingly engaging and funny for a film with no talking.

Elise C (ca) wrote: This is an anime adaptation of the Jack London classic. The version I actually watched was the English dub. The animation is really dated, there is too much narration, and it's not a very accurate adaptation, but other than that, it does keep true to the brutality of the story.