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Nagarik torrent reviews

Sreekiran M (ru) wrote: Aggressive entertainer bolstered with Suriya's if not best, but charged up to hell performance.

Dave J (ru) wrote: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 (2013) 13 Eerie HORROR "What a load of crap!" for the idea must have from a couple of college students looking for some quick cash. It regards a small group of college teens being sent to an abandoned/ empty prison ground called "13 Eerie" to get college credits as forensic students. The instructor places decomposed bodies around the area for it's students unbeknownst that it was also a toxic chemical site which according to the movie used to be experimented on prisoners. If people were to see this, makes one to wonder what was the reason these other decomposed bodies hadn't been gathered up yet and are left lying on the ground. Anyways as a result of leaving these other toxic bodies lying around, they conveniently get up on their own attacking the group- at that particular time too. this film is intended for viewers who are able to ignore logic to see a horror film and just see the never-before-seen gore scenes. Bomb

Max P (us) wrote: Single worst movie I have ever seen. There is a fight scene about half-way through, which dwarfs even the worst of all bad-horror-flick murder scenes with its absurdity, its lack of creativity, and its profound stupidity. It was so bad, I feel physically bad having watched up to that point. I had to turn it off. Gave it 1 star on Netflix, and would have given it 0.0001 stars if I could have. Absolutely awful. Do not waste your time on this garbage.

Jake G (br) wrote: When it comes to Dracula in the 21st century, you just got to laugh.

Christopher E (es) wrote: Few flat spots sending up the Minnesota people but was ok all round

Scott C (de) wrote: Natasha Lyonne was a really unique actor. What the hell ever happened to her?!

Paolo D (es) wrote: Ce l'avevo in lista da tempo...che spettacolo, un classico veramente attuale, "dedicato a quelli che scappano".

andrew p (ru) wrote: just a great movie very thought full and detailed through out

David T (jp) wrote: Who cares if its a low budget Alien ripoff? Its a damned entertaining one.

Julio S (kr) wrote: Billed as a western, this is more of a 70's exploitation revenge flick. In this story, the band of awful, raping, greedy white folk have infiltrated an Apache tribe and want gold for themselves. Of course there's one in the band who just watches the atrocities and then decides to protect the girl - because why else - he's fallen for her. And as we progress she seemingly falls for him, but it's inexplicable why.He brother begins stalking each one separately until the end where there's a big finale - one I can't buy for the life of me. The Apache woman makes a decision I simply cannot believe she'd make.The dialogue is horrible, the acting just as bad and the editing is atrocious. There's also a lot of voice-overing that is really distracting. The music score goes from 70's thriller to love story in a blink of an eye. But the huge gaffe here is that these were Apaches, yet they spoke spanish. I googled and could not find any proof that they spoke any spanish even though they lived in Mexico to Arizona. Were they simply just---Mexican???

Nicki M (es) wrote: Goes on a little with the musical bits, (although some would probably see that as a positive thing). It also felt to me like this movie took a very long time to get going. About half way through it really does pick up and though I had gathered it probably wouldn't end well, the end was a shock. Joan Crawford, as usual, plays a strong woman, although with vulnerability you don't see straight away. I had sympathy for her, though I am not sure she was intended to be that way. A must see for fans of older films.

Joseph W (jp) wrote: Terrible cinematography, interesting plot line but the acting was terrible, obvious editing errors, and not unique in anyway. Had they did a little better with the making of it it could've actually turned out nice but overall a waist of my two hours.

Justin P (gb) wrote: It was alright. Good action.

Ari S (ca) wrote: The 3rd installation of Indiana Jones is arguably the best of the bunch. The addition of Sean Connery playing Henry Jones Sr. was perfect casting! The story line and pursuit of the Holy Grail is nothing short of amazing. The banter between father and son on this holy adventure makes the film more interesting and over the top entertaining. Spielberg brings it home with this one and so much fun all around.

Russell H (gb) wrote: I liked this one a lot. Very entertaining. Didn't know WWE's Papa Shango was a time traveler.

Orlok W (ru) wrote: The story centers around four idiots who rob some guys with the plan to fly off to Malaysia, unfortunately because of the volcanic eruption in Iceland, their plane is diverted to Lithuania. The story kicks off at a pace with the feel of a Guy Ritchie wanna be... Runaway train of a "Heist Gone Wrong" of a movie--Well, this is one entertaining crime romp from Lithuania complete with a Lithuanian director. It borrows heavily, and quite nicely, from Guy Ritchie's cannon of crime flicks which is to say it holds up against them while having it's own Eastern European slant. A brash crime comedy without apologies as far as the writing goes... Mad Lithuanians Vs Cockney Geezers!!

Pablo G (fr) wrote: A love story with its own Lynch kind of twist ith characters that are gpeculiar, strangely relatable, and some even plain scary. It is not completely understandable or explained in order to make it truly satisfying, but it is still filled with creative and unforgettable moments.

Malik I (ru) wrote: Just Scenes, Minions doing things. That's it. Nothing interesting. If you just waste time with some "funny" scenes, here you go.

John H (de) wrote: western fans say it's great but others not so much, more like another John Wayne film