Någon annanstans i Sverige

Någon annanstans i Sverige

Somewhere in Sweden in a quite ordinary desolate village nothing is the way it seems. You'll find dysfunctional families, misery and yearning for another world, if you scratch beneath the ...

Alongside a tranquil road somewhere in Sweden live a number of people who are pretty much like people in general. When a highly improbable and catastrophic chain of events besets them, it leads to break up and change. A tragicomic story that feels both familiar and alien at the same time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John S (it) wrote: A very eager Leonard Kleinrock slaps, caresses, and smells a rather large, bomb proof server in the corner of a sterile UCLA computer lab. Thus starts Werner Herzog's latest documentary feature: a multi-chaptered look at the internet.Much like a surfing experience, "Lo and Behold" ping-pongs all over the map, delivering a multitude of unconnected stories that work well as individual snippets, but do not create a cohesive whole. No matter, in fact, that may be Herzog's point.Tackling such a monumental topic is an impossible task, so Herzog settles for little stories (good, bad, humorous, scary) and characters (ditto), to subvert the technology on display with a very real human factor. Is the internet a saviour of the human race, or the end of it? Could be both, but boy oh boy, the people behind it, and the people in front of it, is what fuels the film. Herzog, channeling some Philip K. Dick, asks repeatedly of his subjects whether the internet dreams of itself, as if it is a living, breathing, growing entity. An ominous, sci-fi question for sure, but the answers usually go in totally unexpected directions. And that is Werner's genius: posing odd quandaries, then letting his subjects improvise (usually uncomfortable) on the spot responses as the camera rolls.- hipCRANK

Leon B (mx) wrote: Review:I found this movie to be really slow and pretty boring. The storyline wasn't that amazing but the acting was quite good. I must admit, I did struggle to find anything that interesting with the film and I did struggle to stay awake. By the end of the film I was left feeling quite empty and dissatisfied which is a shame because I usually like Geoffrey Rush movies. I didn't really know what to expect from the film so I wasn't that disappointed. At nearly 2 hours long, I was expecting something amazing to happen, but nothing really did. Disappointed!Round-Up:Judging by the money that this movie made, it's obvious that I am not the only person that found this film to drag. I was hoping that movie was going to take a different direction, but it stays uninteresting and in some ways, quite boring. Geoffrey Rush does make the movie slightly more watchable, but he wasn't able to save the film.Budget:N/AWorldwide Gross: $84,000I recommend this movie to people who are into there drama's about a lady whose on her death bed, surrounded by her son and daughter. 2/10

Panta O (us) wrote: First a little warning: DO NOT WATCH A MOVIE IF YOU READ THE BOOK - YOU'LL BE DISSAPOINTED! Mr. Nice is a film about Howard Marks, a guy who was smart, then became smart ass, and finished as stupid drug smuggler... The screenplay was adapted by director Bernard Rose from Marks' autobiography of the same name. He had interesting life... he was a man who improbably went from dealing a bit of dope at Oxford University to controlling an impressive 10% of the world's hashish trade, before doing time in prison. The real hero in this movie is Rhys Ifans who plays Marks! He looks utterly at ease in a role that provides a happy-go-lucky flipside to the more moving and melancholic slacker-type he embodied in the same year's Greenberg. But, after a while, like the drug whose values Marks extols, Bernard Rose's film just makes you slow paced... and lost in the story which was all over the place! Worth watching to see how easy is to deal drugs... :-)

Ammon h (es) wrote: Awful, depressing, and certainly not funny.

Jack F (ru) wrote: I'm not the sort of person who complains about movies being "slow" or lacking action, but this movie was, in fact, painfully slow. Your average Jane Austen novel is like a Bruce Willis film compared to this movie.

Joey G (jp) wrote: Officially my favorite short film of all time.

david c (ru) wrote: One of my favourite takes on the Dracula genre

Skye M (au) wrote: This is a good movie! But the main characters are not very smart! But it's still worth watching! Of course Matt Dillon is really cute!!!!

Landon M (ca) wrote: Hilarious film, Gene Wilder at some of his finest!

Claire W (de) wrote: A coming of age movie for me and my best friend. Wicked soundtrack.

Kyle M (ag) wrote: Expected to be a premise with heart, but it's turns out to be the opposite when it's just bland and ended unresolved. Although there are rare funny parts, mostly from Rudd and few from Fey.So the result is that it's an okay, random film, like it can qualifies to be close to the bottom of the waiting list instead of being deniable nor acceptable. (C+)(Full review coming soon)

Prateek S (it) wrote: stupidest killer action movie ever seen. I mean the chick was swinging blades, for fun, when she had a hole in her stomach!

Barry P (br) wrote: bit outdated now still good

Neil G (jp) wrote: The best unromantic film that eventually realised that it's supposed to be romantic love New Jersey films