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Nagordola torrent reviews

Erik F (kr) wrote: It's a kids movie with great humor. It is more accessible to children than the equally excellent walking with dinosaurs series

explodingboy1989 (nl) wrote: If you are someone who thinks that mullets exist solely in the realm of Dokken roadies, bad guys in 80s action films, and Billy Ray Cyrus, be prepared to have a first-rate crash course in the far-reaching influence of the "sholo" courtesy of American Mullet. I learned that mullets aren't just for Brian Bosworth in 'Stone Cold,' but that those who are seduced by its charms come from all walks of life, and are different in many ways. They span race, culture, socio-economic status, and sexual orientation. You will find doctors, lawyers, security guards; straight and gay; Mexicans, Native Americans, New Zealanders; 6 year old boys and middle aged men and women, and... Billy Ray Cyrus impersonators. The filmmakers take a tongue-in-cheek yet sympathetic approach to their subject matter, and fans of off-center documentaries will find plenty to enjoy in 'American Mullet.'

Robin v (nl) wrote: I hesitated because the original has such a place in my heart, but finally watched on Netflix.I liked how they came up with a bit of a backstory for why he was so despicable, (not super original, the bullying) but I wondered about the love interest thread. Might the creators have lost sight of their audience?Adored Max--the nicest dog acting I've seen in a while--and I noticed at least one Barenakedladies carol in Whoville!

Beth C (fr) wrote: Very powerful docudrama with excellent cast. Whatever your feelings on the AIDS epidemic this is an unfliching look at the failure of the government in the early days of AIDS crisis.

Luke R (ru) wrote: In spite of a profusion of historical inaccuracies, I think this film hits the nail on the head when it comes to certain themes and lessons of history. It is a masterpiece.

Nikolas G (fr) wrote: filmographic interest for Milos Forman

Darine S (gb) wrote: didn't like the communist jokes .... but loved the movie none the less

Alan W (br) wrote: This is a great movie

Michael M (br) wrote: I really liked this movie. Kind of like a much bloodier version of The Game (which is also a fantastic movie). The ending really messes with your head which is the goal of any great mindfuck movie. Check this one if you're looking for a great way to kill 90 minutes.

Art S (fr) wrote: Doco by a young entrepreneur who found a stash of negatives in an estate sale that turned out to be amazing. The movie follows his search to find out about the photographer, a nanny named Vivian Maier. The photos themselves that are shown, mostly taken on the "street" in Chicago, are indeed really provocative and interesting. Maier's story is rather sad - perhaps she had some sort of mental illness, probably of the obsessive compulsive type. She hoarded things (sometimes incomprehensibly) and took hundreds and thousands of photos that she apparently never showed anyone. She went from one family to another and the (now adult) children are interviewed about what they remember of her (she died in 2009); they don't always tell positive stories. So, some mysteries are uncovered, many remain, but the documentary seems a stretch at 80 minutes.

Dylan D (ca) wrote: Traitor plays out a bit better than it should, thanks in large part Don Cheadle's first-class performance. The film suffers from predictability, though several scenarios play out well enough to veil the limited script. Once the film's big revelation is made known halfway through the film, Traitor loses steam and becomes a far-too-average thriller that is just good enough to keep audiences watching through to the end, but doesn't engage them in any way. As such, Traitor is a film worth watching, but at days end it's just another thriller, perhaps standing slightly taller than the competition.

Brandon W (ca) wrote: This is a funny, funny movie! One of the best comedic duos ever. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have amazing chemistry and both have some awesome witty dialogue. Isla Fisher is also really great as this innocent little girl who just happens to be a sex freak. And who can forget Bradley Cooper as the asshole villain. This might also be my favourite Rachel McAdams performance since Mean Girls. This is an extremely funny comedy but it also works well as a romance and as a drama. Overall, a fantastic picture!