A horror film that combines classic monster movie elements set within the backdrop of unpredictable Kansas weather. Start with a mother and her three daughters forced to take shelter from an advancing tornado in a local storm cellar. What is waiting for them underneath is another story entirely.

The story follows a mom and her three daughters getting prepared to travel to pick up the father of the girl returning home from military service. But on the way there is a tornado warning and the trip starts to get too dangerous so they stop on the highway and run to a house to take shelter. Nobody answers the door so they all get in to the cellar to wait out the storm. As the storm passes the family tries to make their way out only to realize that someone or something, not quite human, is holding them captive. Struggling to get out alive they soon find out they are not alone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (ca) wrote: Odd yet interesting. The versatile Denis Lavant is just wonderful, so is Leos Carax, the director.

simone t (br) wrote: horrible acting, but the story keeps you hooked.

Pasha A (it) wrote: IMO:One of the worst adaptations in the art history! Very bad scenario which doesn't connect to the the Hardy's book at all. I think the Persian script writer "Hossein Amini" hasn't even read "Jude the Obscure" completely; he and the director haven't find the meanings of the book. The characters in this film are completely wrong. specially Jude which is portrait as a angry and tough man. and also the actor Christopher Eccleston had a wrong inspiration of the character when he was playing it. For the first important film of Cate Winslet, the performance is acceptable, but her character is not similar to the Sue of the Book. The Ending is terrible in the film! which is marvelous in the book! I don't know why they decided to remove those brilliant scene at the end of the book!There so many great dialogues in the book which will be best for a film and they haven't used them in the film. (They made some bad new lines instead!), some of those which would be fitted well for the film but not used are: "a fellow who had only two wishes left in the world, to see a particular woman, and then to die, could neatly accomplish those two wishes at one stroke by taking this journey in the rain. That I've done.""Ah, dear Jude; that's because you are like a totally deaf man observingpeople listening to music. You say 'What are they regarding? Nothing is there.' But something is."

Tabraea (us) wrote: An AWESOME movie. It's TECHO-scary which makes it cool.

Russell B (mx) wrote: More interesting premise than most period dramas (I actually bothered to watch it, for starters), but with an oddly detached, student production-standard execution. And I just can't buy Tilda Swinton as a man, even if the opening scene does make the point that Orlando's "effeminate". No shit, Sherlock!

Michael R (it) wrote: Over the top direction can't distract you from a remarkable performance from Midler.

Charlie M (gb) wrote: After a freak accident, an American slob becomes King of England. This comedy has a funny premise but nothing else to offer but stereotypical jokes.

Andrew D (de) wrote: Sometimes hilarious, sometimes brilliant meta-film with a fantastic performance by Michael Caine. Christopher Reeve is over-the-top and the writing is a bit contrived at times - it can be argued that these aspects are intentional.

Allan N (mx) wrote: The best thing of this film is the visuals, very well shot and edited. Story was alright, I just don't like depressing films about depressed people that much. Great acting!

Eric B (ru) wrote: If you've seen one, you've seen the rest. Each movie in the series follows the same formula. In the hands of a better director and a better producer, this could've been a classic. But all the defects of Japanese cinema are present, the theatrical acting, the wooden dialogue, the exaggerated reactions, I hate them. This is a series in need of a modern remake.

Veronique K (ru) wrote: fritz lang's "clash by night" is a psychological drama about the paradoxical mentality of female perplexity about life and its harboring cease. babara stanwyck would be the individualistic rebel lady who drifts everywhere to seek her dreams even eventually she winds up with "big dreams, small results" stanwyck plays mae doyle, a woman who wanders from home for 10 years, a prodigal daughter retreats back to her homeland with one bitter remark "home is the place to go when you run out of places", a woman who wants her man to "fight off the blizzards the floods" just to make her feel "confident"....a egoist who abides nothing but motivated by her anguishes to live and explore the world with novelty. a woman who claims that she would never be satisfied enough to give any man happiness since her character is webbed with too much ambivalent affirmations to be genuinely tamed by any man, and mae shrewdly sneers at the world with her sass and sharply sardonic wits until she meets her fellow rebel earl (robert ryan) who is a cynical grudgy man embittered with spousal tumults, uttering quibs like "wouldn't you wanna cut a beautiful dame up?" "i like the woman who stays on ceiling when i throw all of them above"...a volcanic man with enough individuality to rival mae....and this resistant ambiguity also arouses mae's animosity.....thus she chooses to marry her another suitor jerry with the clumsy looks of ape but has a generous heart of gold despite his simple-mindedness cannot provide the thrilling kicks of life mae's always craving for. it might appear somehow melodramatic but the script offers plenty of wisecracking wisdom between the lines to depict each character with enough distinctive contour of humanity. and the episode of marilyn monroe who plays the girlfriend of mae's brother is also quite pleasantly juxtaposed with her talks of feminism and refusal of being trapped as cannary in marriage.... inevitably mae's being lured away by charismatic earl who whispers love with more refined skills than stupified jerry....ultimately mae succumbs to her sense of feminine duty instead of her intense drive of egoism....accurately speaking, she lifts up the veil of her selfism to ripe into mature womanhood since the world is not always "her disappointment, her unhappiness"... only brilliantly talented stanwyck could incarnate into such fickle role with multiple outbursts of complexity conviningly....only stanwyck has enough charisma to redeem this character with comprehensible pathos...a well-performed stagy flick upon the theme of woman and her choices over the crossroad of life.

Michael K (it) wrote: This was one of those movies I've always heard about, seen ads in the back of old comic books, Fangoria magazines,etc but never had the chance to see until now. It's an original story that could only come from the mind of Clive Barker, a horror adventure where the monsters are the heroes. It was to be the first of a trilogy, but poor box office/marketing stopped that idea, which is a shame, as I'd love to see where the story goes from here. It's a definite must see for genre fans,and fans of Danny Elfman, who does the score for the movie in his distinctive style.

Lapman H (us) wrote: wasn't a hangover movie

Katerina S (ru) wrote: The critics were too hard on this film. Very exciting and is better watching it the second time around. Worthwhile.

Gaby G (nl) wrote: Very original, bizarre and gruesome take on coping with loss and grief.

Andrew C (mx) wrote: Over the years, I've grown tired of bad directors trying to prove that they're some how more psychologically sound or intelligent than the rest of us by making garbage like this. It's not surprising that this movie was booed at Sundance. This movie is really about people and how despicable people are with the dog being an afterthought. Maybe it's because this director hasn't made anything that I find worth watching that I'm having a hard time saying anything positive about this movie. Do the rest of us a favor and exercise your right to free speech in a place where people actually care.