Naine kütab sauna

Naine kütab sauna


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Estonian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Naine kütab sauna torrent reviews

IsaiahHarmoni K (fr) wrote: Entertaining. I wanna be like mike.

Matthew P (kr) wrote: Moments of purity sneak through this teenage soap-opera.

Amanda (ag) wrote: milo... is it on demand?? cuz i cant find it.. i think maybe cuz its really old.. idk.. but i really wanna see it agian!! is in stoers like block buster or nething??

Jeff S (us) wrote: I really liked it.. A great family movie and the bonus, its about horses... Totally recommend it..

Christopher S (us) wrote: Feels like something I would have watched at a Film Festival but not in a commercial theater. The subject matter is interesting to be sure, but the filmmaking ranges from very interesting and well crafted, to poor made for TV doc material. It doesn't look like a movie or feel like one.

Loyal D (fr) wrote: I thought that it was really funny. It is an average road trip lost and nature vibe. It has a few twists and turns and actually tells a cool story about how something negative can be turned into a positive!

Marcella C (ca) wrote: I love these two together! So funny!!!

Issac L (it) wrote: Aka. FISH & CHIP, a UK film whose plot hinges on a Pakistani family living in UK, the patriarch is a traditional chauvinist whose only tenet is to do everything in Pakistani muslim ways, while the mother is English, with 7 children, the cultural collision and marriage-defiant headaches begin to aggravate the family, and finally ends with a drolly amusing farce. From Irish director Damien O(TM)Donnell (his debut feature), this film emanates a great sense of humour (never pull it off overhead) and a whiff of theatrical commotion when the storyline needs it, supplying career-best leading roles from both Om Puri, who is deft in embodying himself into a highly unloveable character even without any preach-the-converted statement, and Linda Bassett as the chafing-yet-united parent, imaginably with 7 offspring (6 boys and 1 girl, age ranging from 6 to 25) to coping with, the familial disarray can dissuade many chic couples from children-rearing quandary, not counting there is a bigger hurdle standing in front of them, the religious disparity, Puri is an out-and-out Pakistani, even living in England, has an English wife (which is his second one while his first wife is still living in Pakistan), he rebuffs any discord and claims absolute submission from his family members, as long as he is still the man-of-the-house, even resorting to domestic violence when things are out of his control. As the most-of-the-time pliant, sometimes witty, but complete sympathetic mother, Bassett has her gut to fight back for her children, and her performance does has an effect of sublimating the heightened tension and brings about some excellent empathy which sharply differs from a general comedic tonality. All seven progeny and a handful supporting roles are moulded with distinctive personalities (with many laughable episodes to entertain the viewers). So, about the aforementioned preach-the-converted argument, the film can be a tint offensive to portray Pakistani people in a quasi-teasing milieu (the two Pakistani maidens are rather wickedly selected), it seems the film is assuming the audience should already taken their stand (against the abominably bigoted father figure), clearly the truth is this fictional approach opts for its own British slant towards the muslim immigrants, it may find its voice in the island, but elsewhere, its acceptance inevitably needs to be tested under the surface of its light-hearted masquerade. PS: My Oscar entry, Linda Bassett storms at No.6 in the BEST LEADING ACTRESS category.

Jessica H (kr) wrote: a film that will warm your soul and make you want a bird.

Wenise W (jp) wrote: I think this was meant to have been a dark comedy with a pro-abortion theme. The comedy and the message never get their comeuppance. Perhaps Phyllis Schlafly got involved because it all works out too nicely in the end.

gary t (jp) wrote: wow i have just seen this 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good thriller movie...the director of this Drama, Mystery & Suspense movie had done a great job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie...this has a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie...i think that james woods plays a good part throughout this movie...this is a thriller movie from the 1980's n this has a good cast of characters throughout this movie..this is a good thriller movie because you never know what's going 2 happen throughout this movie

Steph S (ag) wrote: This film was kinda hasy. I mean that it was funny but it's not a type of film to remember what happens. but during the time that i saw it..It was funny.

Marcelitte G (gb) wrote: Great family movie for discussions to point out how things can suddenly change

Juli N (es) wrote: Solid Noir piece with none other than Edward G. Robinson gracing us with his striking stage presence!

Ben N (gb) wrote: This is the quintessential British crime drama.