Lakhipur is a small community along the river bank of Ganga, where Sonu lives with his ailing mother. One day he rescues a woman named Geeta and brings her home with him. He and his mom ...

Lakhipur is a small community along the river bank of Ganga, where Sonu lives with his ailing mother. One day he rescues a woman named Geeta and brings her home with him. He and his mom ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(fr) wrote: The big disaster of 2012

Adrian Z (ca) wrote: I cant hang with this.

Denise G (es) wrote: Def sounds like a movie I would like, lol.

brendan p (it) wrote: I really didn't understand what the intentions of the filmmakers were in Interview with the Assassin. It was not convincing or substantive as a piece of fiction or even as a documentary. It doesn't even manage to sustain the audience's suspension of disbelief that it may actually be an actual account like the Blair Witch Project did so well. Although the concept is instantly grabbing and I wanted to like this film, I just got to the end of it saying "so what?"

Emanuel K (gb) wrote: I don't know what the critics are talking about here. The plot is sufficiently coherent if you actually pay attention. I've always known this movie was underrated but 49%? Come on.

Shiva S (kr) wrote: This is a classic masterpiece featuring Bollywood legends Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwaria Rai, and Amitabh Bachan. The epitome of love stories, it is a timeless classic highlighting the development of three love stories in a setting where love was thought to be impossible. Some love stories are indeed forever, and this is one of them. Three hours of laughter, sadness, and wonder at the true power of love.

Nicholas W (gb) wrote: I hadn't seen this in ages, is really good, action movie.

doris c (br) wrote: brill.......check it out....very enjoyable movie...

Curtis H (ru) wrote: A rather episodic, but none-the-less heroic bio-pic. Gregory Peck gives a splendid and tastefully unbiased performance as Douglas MacArthur, while the other two notable performances, the portrayals presidents Roosevelt and Truman, act as ironic dramatic foils. A fine, and smartly patriotic film.

Andrey B (mx) wrote: Funny film with great acting. Of course unrealistic but it doesn't matter in the measures of the theme and genre. Wilder is truly genuis director that made films in different genres and types.

Randy C (it) wrote: Funny jut plain funny. Still Lol.

Movie K (fr) wrote: Scott Glenn kills two mystery enemy and continue his journey. He find Kevin Kline his old pal and save him. They travel to a nearby town where Kevin see the guy that rob him. He bought a lousy gun and kill him. Brian Dennehy his old pal now a sheriff, let him go because he prove the horse belong to him. In the saloon the people didn't welcome Danny Glover. Scott speak for him and he left in peace. The local sheriff led them to see Kevin Costner, brother of Scott in jail for killing a man. He is to hanged for death. Kevin go to jail for killing another guy who rob him. Together him and Costner escape and Scott burnt the hanging post. The sheriff chase after them out and Danny shoot them away. Travel halfway they see a bunch of folks whose money has been snatch by the posse they hire to escort. Scott and Danny help to take back the money with their plan. Danny decide to head home and is angry the people chase his father out of his own land. The bullies follow them and kill his father. Scott and Costner head home to find their sister. Kevin go to a saloon run by Linda Hunt. The true boss is Brian. He offer a job to him and kill the assistant when he find out he looted some of his money. Danny go find his sister Lynn Whitfield who left home long ago. She is with Jeff Goldblum a gambler. Costner get into trouble in the saloon with Jeff Fahey over a girl and Kevin solve the situation. Jeff, Kevin and Brian used to be in the same gang until one day Kevin saved a dog that tangle onto Jeff's horse which he want to kill. Kevin since parted ways with the gang. Scott got into trouble with Jeff and he want to kill him. Brian pay Kevin handsomely and want him to stay out of the way for him to clean up local mess. Scott is practicing his gun and attack by the gang. Jeff nearly kill him but Danny appear in time and save him. He find Lynn for help and Goldblum appear to help but Danny is send to jail by the sheriffs. Costner go home and his sister family is held hostage by the sheriffs. They shot his bro-in-law and burn the house and took the boy as hostage. Brian warn Kevin not to meddle or Linda will pay the price. Lynn ask around and suspect Goldblum is no good. She took his knife and visit Danny in jail but is shot. Danny bust out and tell Scott. Kevin join the duo to save the boy at the barn. Costner also appear and they go into town to make things right. Costner kill Jeff outside the bar. Goldblum saw Linda came out of a cabin where Lynn is recuperating. He wait there for her return but Danny came and kill him. Kevin show down with Brian and kill him swiftly. Linda get to keep her saloon. Costner and Scott leave with their nephew with the parents. Danny and Lynn also leave town. Kevin become the sheriff.

Grant S (it) wrote: A dramatisation of the true events that inspired Herman Melville's classic novel "Moby Dick". In 1820 the whaling ship Essex sets sail from Nantucket, Massachusetts. After a largely fruitless search in the Atlantic she heads for the west coast of South America. There she hears about rich whaling grounds several hundred miles west. After reaching the whaling grounds she is attacked and sunk by massive white sperm whale. The crew take to the boats in what will be an epic struggle for survival.A good story, well told by director Ron Howard. Good, tense survival and action scenes. The saga feels very realistic. Decent special effects.The fact that it is (mostly) true adds spice and the fact that this was the inspiration for Moby Dick is another bonus.Solid performance by Chris Hemsworth in the lead role, doing what he does best - being the hero. Good supporting cast too.

Jonathan L (nl) wrote: Not as good as the original ones. Like the animation however.