Naked Ambition 3D

Naked Ambition 3D

An honors graduate in literature, Wyman is stuck writing cheap erotic fiction, but somehow ends up starring in an AV film. Suddenly a porn superstar in Japan, he discovers a whole new world fraught with pleasure, pain and more twists and turns than he or the audience expects.

A sex comedy which parodies Japanese adult film industry through various iconic scenes with exaggerated expressions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tanguy G (it) wrote: Clich, laborieux, mme les actrices ne parviennent pas viter le naufrage, dommage.

Joanna S (us) wrote: it's cute. I like this holiday movie. yes it's tritr, but still gives a warm feeling and makes me smile watching it

Toni H (mx) wrote: Javier Bardem would have to be one of the greatest bad guy character actors in cinematic history

Rosendo D (it) wrote: A simple story about desperation and banality.

Lu Z (us) wrote: it's little bit slow at the beginning, great ending though

Devyn R (it) wrote: If you ask me, they should have stopped at one. At least two. Three was too much, and four is completely overboard, I want to drown myself please, I cannot take another Home Alone movie.

Tina R (kr) wrote: god, I cry so much over this one.

William B (fr) wrote: what it lacks in gore, Forbidden Photos more than makes up for in sexual intrigue, its feisty script and glossy cinematography, and above all, Dagmar Lassander's array of cripplingly beautiful outfits and sezzy looks

John T (us) wrote: Detailed account of the events leading up to the Japanese attack on Peal Harbor. This is actually three movies in one: 1) the planning of the attack by the Japanese Naval High Command; 2) the poor planning and intelligence blunders by the U.S. Navy and civilian government; and 3) the actual attack on Pearl Harbor. Each of these components could make a compelling movie by itself; but when combined they provided an dramatic and compelling account of what transpired on December 7, 1941. The first two components, lasting almost two hours, are derided by some viewers as being too dry and academic, but I believe that speaks to their lack of intelligence rather than the production of the film. The third component - the actual attack - comprises approximately the last 30 minutes of the film and is without a doubt one of the best war action sequences ever filmed. Martin Balsam, as Admiral Kimmel, Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet head an all star cast on the American side which included E.G. Marshall, James Whitmore, Joseph Cotton and Jason Robards. The Japanese cast was headed by So Yasamura as Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, the Commander in hief of the combined Japanese forces. All were excellent in their roles as was the large supporting cast. One issue I had was while the use of white subtitles, often against a white or light colored background, which made it difficult to follow the Japanese discussions. This is without a doubt the best film relating to the war in the Pacific during World War II because it played the events straight, without any side stories getting in the way. It set the standard that those that followed - such as Midway and Pear harbor - could not reach, primarily because they spent too much time on the personal crises of the films' characters. If you only see one historical war picture, this is the one to see.

Lee C (mx) wrote: Terrific sequel to The Thin Man, with Powell and Loy together again in fantastic form as the crime-solving, hard-drinking couple.

Kevin F (jp) wrote: The Citizen Kane of cliche

Brad B (gb) wrote: was pretty bad.

Farah R (jp) wrote: Painfully slow and rather disappointing considering this drama stars Maggie Smith. The pleasant Paris aesthetic and the plot are interesting but it all falls short in execution.

Michael H (au) wrote: This is a great movie that will engage you from the first scene to the last, fab music too. The plot is clever without being up its own arse. Surely this will attain classic status over the years? Great performances from Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell and Tom Waits particularly. Highly recommended.

Nathanael L (au) wrote: Fun and entertaining movie, but needed some help on some minor plot elements, not bad but not spectacular, I praise the action and the script was okay, but overall still worth your while to go see.