Naked As We Came

Naked As We Came

Love, loss and hope are tumultuously explored amidst a tranquil backdrop and asks us all the question: What is your dream?

Love, loss and hope are tumultuously explored amidst a tranquil backdrop and asks us all the question: What is your dream? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Larry C (ag) wrote: It is longer than it needs to be.

Shelley T (gb) wrote: uncomfortable and humorous

Dena S (ru) wrote: This is going to be my new Sweetest Thing girl movie.

Nikunj S (au) wrote: only the dialouges and d animation wz gud rest d story was total bakwaas

James H (ag) wrote: It certainly is not very convincing, and the holes in the plot are not a help in that regard. The acting isn't too bad, the score is poor, the special effects are decent, it's just kind of dumb. AKA: Alien vs Alien.

George H (br) wrote: Its pretty good. Very Mel Brooksy.

Senor C (jp) wrote: I think I needed a bottle of tequila probably chased w/ the mescaline worm to truly appreciate this twisted Mexican take on Santa Claus. Santa tries to deliver Xmas gifts all the while being thwarted by the Devil's apprentice. If this was an exploitation movie (which it should have been because it was directed by Rene Cardona the same man the brought us Night of the Bloody Apes) it would have been a hell of a lot better. Instead it's just a bizarre children's movie & a really bad one @ that. Starts off just painfully because for like the first 10-15 minutes it just has children from around the world who work for Santa singing. Santa can sure jam on that organ though. Sure this filx got a couple of chuckles out of me but they weren't intentional. W/ all the changes to Santa folklore I surprised Jesus didn't show up by the end

Kristal C (fr) wrote: One of my favourite Disney movies. As a child, I dreamed of being sent away to live at an old English Mansion with a secret history. Sadly, it never happened and for that, I've made my parents pay dearly (just kidding, my parents rule).

Brad G (it) wrote: One of my favorite flicks to come out of the Roger Corman studio mainly due to the awesome cast of Angie Dickinson, Tom Skeritt, Dick Miller, Robbie Lee, Susan Sennett, and William Shatner as "The Bastard! The Goddamn Fruitcake Bastard!" Lots of violence and lots of nudity, I think Tom Skeritt sleeps with every woman in the movie. VF.

Fabiola H (es) wrote: I feel it was quiet unclear in the beginning, which i guess would play into the unforeseen persecution and expulsion of the Italian-Jews. The poor love sick Giorgio being tossed around by Micol. One begins to feel disdain for her character and yet before the final scenes her heartfelt and sincere worry for Giorgio is powerful. Moving film.

April N (jp) wrote: Truly horrifying and disturbing. Couldn't get it out of my head for days!

SUSAN M (de) wrote: Wow I love old movie most special Doris Day .I just hope to have a DVD of this movie to watch over & over again

Carl T (au) wrote: I really enjoyed this musical, and unlike so many other, lazy adaptations of Shakespeare, this changes the source material in the right ways while keeping the original spirit and tragedy of the play. I'd recommend it.

Zoran S (de) wrote: Well, the director is Gerg Oswald not whoever they have listed. That said, this is a fantastic b-Western which I actually prefer to Rashomom which it remakes. Oswald's direction is very dynamic and punchy with an aggressive camera.

Tim S (au) wrote: To be fair to not just the film but the whole B movie genre of filmmaking, I Was a Teenage Werewolf will most certainly not show up anywhere near the top of a list of the worst. That's not to say that it's an altogether wonderful film, but I've seen much worse than this. There are a couple of things that it has going for itself. First of all, you have a young, fresh-faced Michael Landon doing his own sort of James Dean ala Rebel Without a Cause, which is interesting enough on its own. You also have a plot about a mad scientist who wants to better humanity by torturing the poor kid in question with his experimental serums. Everything else is pretty much lacking, but those are the main draws for me. The film came out at a time when teenage everything was in full swing at the movies, so it's mainly just fodder for that particular cannon. The film was also featured on a very good episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, so it has that going for it, as well.

Samu V (fr) wrote: it's raeally good,..i like it,..