Naked Fear

Naked Fear

When Diana (Danielle De Luca) takes a job as a stripper in a sleepy New Mexico town, she's unaware that her fellow dancers have been disappearing. The local sheriff (Joe Mantegna) is stumped, but Diana learns the truth when she becomes the next victim. Her abductor takes her into the desert, where he strips her and lets her go. Then, he begins to hunt Diana with a rifle through the wilderness as s

A young woman travels to a town where hunting is a very common sport and works as a dancer. But after accepting a ride from a stranger... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stig H (kr) wrote: Christians show us the way of God. Appaling and sick!

Nicole S (it) wrote: I LOVED this movie. It had quite a few moments most mothers feel over time and it showed how even Christians aren't perfect.

Lisa R (nl) wrote: This movie was a fair watch. The story line a bit weak and y was he protecting that girl and following her was never really established besides he was involved in her father killing. Cuba is still doin his thing but more subtle.. no blockbusters but some b-rated action.Dolph Lundgren is also in this an boy does he look his acting and fighting skill tho mediocre takes u thru to the ending. A set of mindless killing with guns and some fighting... who cant sit thru that??

Nicki M (au) wrote: Started watching it. Definitely for a young audience, not a teen movie an adult would also enjoy. Very Disney.

Eve A (kr) wrote: How the hell did this movie get such a high score? It's a slice of life that goes no where! it was exactly what you'd expect form a pretentious hipster movie about nothing of substance. there's a lack of continuity and just plain leaves you wondering wtf just happened and what exactly is happening? lame and disappointing.

Lilia A (mx) wrote: This movie is horrible on every level except one: the visuals.The destruction scenes are fantastic. The cgi is amazing and I get goosebumps when I watch those parts of the movieBut...that's the only good part about this movie. The plot is an interesting idea, but bad execution. Characters are shallow and don't develop over the course of the movie. And the cliche's...oh the cliche's. Every cliche you can think of in an end-of-the-world movie happens.If you want a movie with amazing visuals, this movie is for you.But beware the lack of plot and character depth.

Jim C (us) wrote: A muddled mess!Barber Ali, Alex Caan and Navin Chowdhry star as British Muslims that are building a dirty bomb. The police recieve a tip about them, and so the terrorists flee from their apartment. The police are in hot pursuit though, so the three take refuge (and hostages!) in a Greek restaurant. The heart of the film is about how the terrorists interact with their hostages, and how the police are MI-5 work in the background for a peaceful resolution to the situation. Yes, we find out that the terrorists have feelings, too. That they are British born and loved the same TV shows and football teams as many of their hostages. Yes, we find out that some in the police force (the stereotypically macho types) want to use ruthless force on the terrorists, while others want to use finesse. What we [i]don't[/i] find out until the end is a secret that MI-6 has been keeping from both 5 and the police.There are a lot of problems with the film. One is Stockard Channing, who plays the Greek owner of the restaurant; at first you think she's simply mangling a horrible British accent (it's not until about 10 minutes into her scenes that we figure out that she's supposed to be Greek; once you find this out it's slightly more believable). Still, she and Pete Postlethwaite seem thrown into the film just to add [i]gravitas[/i] to a script that can't support it. In my eyes, the people that wrote this film were rejects from [i]Spooks[/i], people that applied to Kudos (the company that makes [i]Spooks[/i] for the BBC) and were rejected. In fact, the film feels like a [i]Spooks[/i] cast-off. And even though the film is about the victims more than the people that save them, that's exactly what this film is - a rejected [i]Spooks [/i]script, written by people that were rejected as writers by the show. It's not awful, but it's not that great, either.

Ian C (au) wrote: Gosling is the balls as the Neo-Nazi who just happens to be a Jew.

Ross B (mx) wrote: I'm Jewish, not exceptionally so, but enough that this movie has resonance for me. It's a Jewish movie, with Jewish protagonists growing up in the Jewish section of Baltimore. That being said, I'm sure that it has resonance for non-Jews as well; I watched it with a Muslim who enjoyed the movie. Specifically, it deals with brothers Ben (Foster) and Van (Brody), as they grow up in 1950s Baltimore. Ben is a senior in high school (at a time when there was much speculation about things such as sex and drugs, and much less participation) while Van attends the University of Baltimore (and appears to live at home). Both brothers encounter forbidden objects of romance: Ben favors a Negro girl at his school named Sylvia (Rebekah Johnson) while Van becomes obsessed by Dubbie (Carolyn Murphy), a rich WASP who shouldn't be associating with Jews. Some of the most interesting scenes in the movie are about the different ways the brothers express their love, and how these storylines spin out. However, the funniest and most purely entertaining sequences occur around the events following the boys' father (Joe Mantegna), a burlesque theater owner who runs a numbers business on the sly. Mantegna's performance is commanding as a Jewish "gangster" who is simply running a business; but business isn't good. Luckily, family matters to him more than profits. The Jewish family rings true in their reactions and mannerisms, from the overbearing mother to the modern-world-uncomprehending grandmother to the sardonic Van. Overall, there is a genuine feeling of nostalgia in the picture. The director is from Baltimore, and the implication is that the movie is semi-autobiographical; it feels like it. Performances: Ben Foster and Adrian Brody put in some very good performances, as well as the covey of actors who portrayed their best friends, enemies, and other assorted youths. Orlando Jones and Anthony Anderson, on the other hand, seemed a bit hackneyed and overdone...more like caricatures of black thugs in the 1950s than fully realized characters. In fact, the whole sequence between Jones and Foster (I won't spoil it) seemed a bit too fantastical for a movie otherwise grounded in the realities, both fun and brutal of life in Jewish Baltimore. Mantegna's performance is undoubtedly the best of the bunch, especially in the final, bittersweet sequence of the film. A very good movie, that just misses greatness for the subplot between Jones and Foster.

Kate N (it) wrote: Timothy Dalton was underestimated as Bond in my opinion. He made the character so much more human than his predecessors. I loved that he showed his feelings on his friends being attacked. The only off putting sequence to me in the whole film, is at the end when he was talking to the hospitalized Felix Leiter, and Lester was able to laugh and says "we'll do some fishing". Most unrealistic part, just saying.

danielle m (kr) wrote: I used to watch this movie everytime i went to my grandmas.. i love it!

Marco F (nl) wrote: Brilliant performances by Alec Guinness and John Mills. Very well directed English war drama that lacks depth, but is very rewarding, because you will see some of the finest acting in cinema ever. The color cinematography is good too. Overall, I enjoyed it.

Mike W (de) wrote: Cool because it's superman, but has a strong 'independent movie' vibe to it.

Marissa R (ru) wrote: Underrated 80's movie starring Jodie Foster about 4 different girls growing up in california. A bit depressing

Thomas T (kr) wrote: Though it doesn't have the same superior comedic element like Shaun of the Dead did, Hot Fuzz still aims to be an entertaining film for those who appreciate excellent comedy.

Richard B (ru) wrote: It might be a paper-thin story but this is a highly polished showcase of British action talent doing what they do best.

Farah R (jp) wrote: A thoughtful, touching, and utterly charming comedy drama about friendship and mortality. Me And Earle And The Dying Girl is ideally adapted from novel to script and beautifully directed into a motion picture. With a talented cast and irresistibly funny moments, this movie is a heartfelt success.