Naked Weapon

Naked Weapon

A mysterious woman, known as Madame M, kidnaps forty pre-teen girls and transports them to a remote island to train them as the most deadly assassins. CIA operative Jack Chen follows the case for 6 years with no leads, but when a series of assassinations begin to occur, Jack suspects that Madame M is back in business.

A CIA agent (Daniel Wu) finds it hard to resist the sleek female assassin (Maggie Q) he has tracked to Hong Kong. He then convinces her and two other female assassins to turn their deadly skills against the woman who has ruined their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Naked Weapon torrent reviews

Ivan P (ru) wrote: Disturbing but realistic inside into modeling world. Must see for all the glamour and fame seeking girls.

Ross H (nl) wrote: A scattershot movie if there ever was one but yet still has some nice comic touches and memorable characters. Not that you would want to hang out with all of these memorable characters. There was a movie a few years ago that my friends liked more than me called Rules Of Attraction. I just thought the characters were so unlikeable that it turned me off of the movie. But one thing it had was its cast of up and coming actors which some went on to bigger things (Jessica Biel, Jay Baruchel, Clifton Collins Jr., Kate Bosworth) while others just didn't have the staying power (James Van Der Beek, Shannon Sossamon, Kip Pardue) for whatever reasons. This movie reminds me of that movie where the cast is full of actors that you've seen or will see in the next year or so such as Amber Heard, Alexa Vega, Leighton Meester, Christopher Marquette, and Brie Larson. In fact Brie Larson plays one of my favorite characters Angie who is Julia's (Amber Heard) sister. She's hilariously mean to everybody who comes into her room except her friends, who one of them happens to be Holly (Alexa Vega). My other favorite character is Julia's best friend Stacey Cherry (!) played to absolute perfection by Marnette Patterson. All the characters have just completed their last day of high school for the year and the older girls will be seniors next year while Angie's friends are now freshmans and will be sophomores. They're all looking to party as soon as possible and Stacey is always asking if there's any pot or she just wants to get "totally wasted". The way she says this in her stereotypical cheerleader perky voice is one of the highlights of the movie. She comes across as an airhead but deep down I think there's somebody else within her waiting to come out. As I said the whole premise of the movie is kids from freshman to seniors trying to party, hook up and get obliterated as soon as they can and the movie shows the day and its after effects of all these actions and decisions that go down. Another memorable scene is when Tori and her friend are babysitting and they proceed to take shrooms. Like I said the characters in this movie are interested in partying no matter what they're doing. In fact the characters deserve 4 stars but the movie itself can only muster 3 1/2 stars. Along with a solid music soundtrack featuring a lot of alternative bands this movie might be worth your time if the characters don't make you crazy!

Kyle M (nl) wrote: The storyline's good as this a-bit-more-than-average DCOM shows how spoiled people can learn responsibility and become better as this film shows the process of that situation with warm moments and lessons as the reward at the end of that process. (B)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

ZACHO D (br) wrote: Another great low budget picture by the modern godfather of indie: Richard Linklatter.

Gavin P (gb) wrote: A decent biopic, but not quite what I was expecting - which is neither good, nor bad. Coogan's good, but has been better since and the documentary-style hand-held camera doesn't always work, except when Wilson (Coogan) breaks the 4th-wall to give you a glimpse into the 'future', seeing as the first 30min takes place in the late '70s. The film almost works as a Joy Division/New Order and Happy Mondays biography, with some other - drugs, music clubs - aspects thrown in around them. It's not particularly funny, although it has some humourous moments, and is more a partially-non-fictional musical journey through two decades of Manchester music & culture.

Krys L (es) wrote: This family remind me of all the trials and burden with all and Danes's performance is excellant

Taylor W (mx) wrote: I saw 'Mrs. Doubtfire' for the first time earlier this year and I really enjoyed it. 'Tootsie' is very similar and is the predecessor to the Robin Williams comedy film. Both have very similar plot lines and similar obstacles to overcome but what makes this film different is the comedy style. 'Mrs. Doubtfire' has lots of physical comedy and is very fast. Tootsie's comedy comes from clever witty dialogue between the characters. Dustin Hoffman plays a great Dorothy Michaels and has lots of laughs. Overall, 'Tootsie' or 'Mrs. Doubtfire' are great films to add to your collection

Jamie C (ca) wrote: One of the best zombie films to date, Brilliant remake all the cast were fun, The zombies looked great and the action scenes were entertaining and gory, What more do you want from a zombie film.

Reggie W (au) wrote: excellent in every category

Sheridan P (ru) wrote: Dark. Perverse. Australian.