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Nallavan torrent reviews

Thor (nl) wrote: A lynchian feel to a refreshing film from the Dutch speaking countries after a lot of un-speakable lame films. Hopefully it opens the door to an interesting culture driven style.

Walker F (ag) wrote: This looks hilarious!

Osman K (de) wrote: salman you are brilliant

Silvia F (br) wrote: An incredibly fun and charming animated flick with endearing characters and excellent visuals.Grade: A-

John P (it) wrote: Pornographic for sure, but funny, touching and sweet on a human level. How did we get to be the person we are now, from who we were? Who are we to each other? What do we need that we don't have?

Wyatt C (es) wrote: Cypher is an extremely messy film that lacks the major components of a successful thriller: a clever premise, a strong central character, and a sense of stakes. While brainwashing does arguably make for an interesting idea, the filmmakers muddle the concept with an uninteresting plot about competing software companies that never really seems to make a whole lot of sense. The film's hero is even less intriguing. Perhaps due to the lackluster narrative, Sullivan never gets a whole lot of depth, and the choice to hold out on the character's motivation for being involved in the plot until the end has the effect of making the viewer never really invest in the character. The over abundance of life-or-death situations, therefore, seems of no real consequence. This also helps explain why the stakes seem negligible. In addition, the plot takes place in an unrecognizable world, which alienates the viewer. What's even more aggravating about all of this is that the film replaces these vital components with a rush of jarring cerebral effects, which merely add to the confusion and overall silliness

Maineutral R (fr) wrote: This movie represented a bit of a special moment, i watched it with my mother (might she rest in peace) and we both had fun with it. However, that doesn't mean it couldn't been a lot better. The premise actually pays off at first, but when it turns into a romantic drama is were the potential is lost and the movie feels empty. The concept of a man actually being able to understand women by reading her minds could have use a bit more exploitation and better management. I think is a good movie for a weekend, but is one of those movies that you don't remember the following day. Gibson however delivers a very believable character here.

Guillaume L (ag) wrote: Le premier film de David Twohy ("Pitch Black", "Les chroniques de Riddick"), du fantastique petit budget (les costumes des voyageurs spatio-temporels sont d'un kitsch a se tordre de rire) sentimental qui, de ce fait, prend son temps pour exposer ses enjeux, avant que tout ne s'accelere dans la derniere demi-heure. Distrayant mais rien de bluffant. Le concept des voyageurs spatio-temporels touristes observateurs passifs de catastrophes est le seul point vraiment notable de l'histoire, repris d'ailleurs dans d'autres fictions depuis ("Fringe"; un telefilm avec Casper Van Dien, il me semble; "L'armee des 12 singes" ?)

David L (ag) wrote: Sleeper unfortunately loses its steam near the end with a disappointing third act, but everything else that came before it is great as the screenplay is fantastic, the humor is superb with many great lines and the mix of science fiction parody and an homage to the silent comedies is such an authentic one and the movie succeeds in both of those areas. It is a flawed, but an incredibly entertaining, energetic, offbeat and funny flick.

Elgan D (ag) wrote: This was a let down. The lead character is ridiculously lucky in his quest for revenge with information just landing in his lap on who the driver was, the driver turning out to be a pantomime villain and his siter in law just happening to be not only an good looking, well known TV star but also attracted to him. The soundtrack was very peculiar. Visually quite accomplished.

Gregory W (de) wrote: reteams "Gilda" stars Rita and Ford

Peter B (gb) wrote: Not much substance, but decent when taken for what it is.

Adrian Z (ag) wrote: Laudable premise: humans find a cure for zombies, but it requires of daily treatment, and the drugs are running out. In the midst of this, a nurse (Hampshire) tries to keep her husband human. Director Manuel Carballo's intentions of making an intelligent zombie flick is let down by clunky writing, average to below average acting, and a lack of atmosphere, suspense, and effective horror. Most of all, his attempt to create a world of intolerance and paranoia (shades of the AIDs virus panic of the 80s), falls flat due to poorly contrived background media clips and a small production scope that cannot capture the commotion society is supposedly going through - an over ambitious, but well intentioned failure.