Reporter for a North Korean news service joins the partisans when the Americans and UN forces invade South Korea.

Reporter for a North Korean news service joins the partisans when the Americans and UN forces invade South Korea. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nambugun torrent reviews

Christopher v (kr) wrote: Best movie of the year... all the one star ratings are from gun wackos. And miss the bigger message of government workings. great acting wonderfully filmed.

Sean T (de) wrote: Incredibly sharp, tense and beautiful - Gone Girl is David Fincher's underrated masterpiece.

Aaron M (ag) wrote: This is a horrible movie. Its so childish it really cant be enjoyed by a family as its only suitable for daytime children tv. Where it tries to be educational it becomes corny, the voice acting is the worst I've ever seen, there is no attempt at lip syncing at all which causes a severe knock down on animation points for me. The story is boring and the jokes are awkwardly bad. I had some hope for the movie as I enjoyed BBC's walking with dinosaurs series but this farce I ended up turning off an hour in which is a great shame.

MeLinda M (br) wrote: Ok. This MoVi3 is beast, but the monsters. Yea even more beast than the movie itself. Im still scared to go "In The Woods". I probably always will be. I really reccommend this movie.

Scott S (ag) wrote: Awesome movie it turned out to be really good.

Geralda J (es) wrote: i watched this movie a long time ago, probably when i was 4 and i want to see it again

Kyle C (mx) wrote: Vince Vaughn continues his trend of 1 movie a year and i'm happy to say that this one is very funny, but, it's not Vince Vaughn that's funny, ya, he does have his funny lines, but this one belongs to co-star and co-writer John Favreau, he get's most of the hilarious scenes either by himself or with a co-star but he's always there. The scenery in this one is beautiful, whether the place known as Eden exists or not i don't know, but it was very nice to look at, as for the story, it really sees relationships from all angles, whether it be the happy couple that don't know that there are problems, the couple that know there are problems and yet are still together, the couple that is on the verge of a split or the couple that has already split, everyone can relate to one of these and it really sends a message.

Lindsay W (de) wrote: I tend to give 80s sci-fi a lot of leeway, simply because of the ingenuity of the era. But Solarbabies; oh my no. It's a much diluted Road Warrior-esque dystopic society where water is in short supply. The main new thing the film brings to the table is that the teens travel around on roller-skates. Totally rad! And then there's a spherical alien thing that at one point they play lacrosse with. I'm pretty sure the script was written in a roller-rink by pre-pubescent townies on weed. I give the film some marks for at least having heart, and there's a few faces I was amused to see (keep an eye out for Adrian Pasdar, if you're a Heroes fan).

Denel W (us) wrote: It's twisted story and clever direction make this film everything a dark comedy should be.