Daniel, a young and arrogant Londoner, is bored to death in his life. His jewish grandmother asks him to go through Europe in order to find his grandfather's grave. Not only will Daniel ...

Daniel, a young and arrogant Londoner, is bored to death in his life. His jewish grandmother asks him to go through Europe in order to find his grandfather's grave. Not only will Daniel ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Parker S (nl) wrote: Surprisingly good movie with a good cast and an enjoyable story. It doesnt push any boundaries, it seems as though I had seen something similar before, but its a nice little romantic movie.

christopher p (us) wrote: The acting was really good. The story line flowed nicely. I liked how I could relate to it as my family too has a home where we all go to meet each othersits right next to a quiet little lake, which was built by my great grandfather, given to my grandfather when my great grandfather died and now it belongs to my father. I do worry often when my father dies where the house would go to. I have so much memories in that house that it will be sad to lose it. I am in no place to really take care of it, although perhaps with my siblings we may. This is really similar to the things that the family in the movie had to deal with. It was very relateable indeed.

Jeremy T (us) wrote: Katt Wiiliams saved this movie!!! I mean it was ok with Cube and Tracey, but Katt definitely was the star!!

Ana A (it) wrote: I appreciate the information provided by you. This is interested to know about Your comment If you want to know more about modeling and carrier in modeling go to the link below.Top Women Models

Lucas N (us) wrote: I'm not sure why this movie has poor reviews. I thought it was funny. Some of Phil and Mona's lines are hilarious. It has a powerful cast that are playing parts that they would not normally play and that's what makes this movie worth watching. It's a black comedy that is a little more goofy than most. When I even see that character Phil, I bust out laughing and Mona is such a bitch, it's perfect. Please don't use these reviews to decide whether or not you will watch this movie. Give it a chance you may like it.

Ng H (ca) wrote: Gritty. Shot entirely on handheld camera, this is a film about immigrants and their challenges when they finally make it big. Great cinematography by Noboru Shinoda.

bloody w (mx) wrote: powerful movie a incredible piece of cinema showcasing hood life for young black males in south central one of my personal favorites and a must see for all

Bill T (us) wrote: The apparent third to the Deodato troilogy, though what this has to do with his Cannibal movies is anyones guess, (oh right, South America) is not BAD for an 80's action movie. Drugs, violennce, naked babes, it's all here.. And Willie Aames! My god, such a tumble. The movie is pretty good until the very very end when the two quizically decide by god, they're goiing on a plane!

Kay H (nl) wrote: Movie is disjointed, long and unbelievable. Waste of 2 hours

Roarke M (it) wrote: If you want to see a horror movie with your mates, this isn't the one. But it is a pretty thought-provoking, disturbing film. I thought it wasn't going to be as entertaining/enjoyable before I watched it, but it was entertaining enough.

Poo B (nl) wrote: "Spring era jvlar!" greatest line ever

Kameron W (it) wrote: Truly the greatest live action film Walt Disney Pictures and Walt himself have ever produced

Daniel M (ca) wrote: TWO MEN ENTER, ONE MAN LEAVES. If it weren't for the terrible child actors and plot line in the middle, we'd have an unforgettable Mad Max.

Brett S (au) wrote: With some of the most beautiful set pieces, art, martial arts fights, and cinematography ever put to film, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is also a deeply engrossing and spicy drama with plenty of vibrant soul and spark to light its fire