Name of the Game

Name of the Game


Dangerous Game is a supposed action packed British heist movie. When Chris (Calum Best) gets mixed up with the Russian Mafia and Algerian Gangsters while trying to
help his best friend pay off a large debt| he has to decide if he puts his career on the rocks by embarking on a spree of dangerous robberies that could end up with
him in prison| or possibly dead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Name of the Game torrent reviews

I am A (nl) wrote: Coming of age for the girls. Boo ya. ( bonus points for 90s setting)

Aneesh K (ca) wrote: The real patriotic movie...

David W (mx) wrote: Evil Dead Meets Cthulhu...meets meta-horror.... :-P

Kerri L (mx) wrote: another class film. disturbing, in the "this kind of stuff actually happened" way.

Vikki T (kr) wrote: love death in this, it so funny and quirky, a Christmas essential

Marika V (ag) wrote: Critics just don't want to THINK. THINK and everything will make perfect sense!Brilliant.

April Y (ru) wrote: Really good movie. Really makes you think

Amy R (kr) wrote: i caught the tail end of this movie.. they were at some diner.. and she asked him about whether he had any pin-ups.. that's when i started watching it on oxygen.. but from what i saw, the feelings btw rachael leigh cook's character and jonathan tucker's character were ssooo ridiculously EXACT.. i was impressed. it reminded me of a guy i used to date.. :| anyway. would looove to see the beginning half!!

Melanie B (ru) wrote: Oh the things we take for granted...what an amazing story

Pete S (es) wrote: Sometimes stupid, sometimes absurd, and many times just over the top, ".45" will test your patience.

christopher t (jp) wrote: still watch this today good movie like mr ford work

Colin S (it) wrote: Not the regular kind of Bond, but certainly a welcome diversion, and well-suited to Dalton's emotionally-charged take on the character. More of a regular action film in the vein of most 80s/90s productions, and this is possibly the goriest of the whole series to boot. Lowell has spunk and it's possibly here that the tenor of femmes fatales in the series changed for the better. Davi earns more stripes for his excellently-portrayed movie villains, and a young Del Toro for the same as well in one of his firsts. It's not without its cracks showing though - it's mostly blind luck that gets Bond through the plot yet again, and also, that's clearly pasta, not maggots.

m s (br) wrote: what a waist of time

Antonio R (ru) wrote: lots of pretty ladies.

Eric B (kr) wrote: Hopes and dreams of a boxer who is one punch away. Nourish, quirky, scary characters. Double-crosses. And, there's the fight!

Les E (mx) wrote: Brilliant, gritty story that really highlights the northern estates rather than the relationship between the boy and his bird. Although a great story, I thought the acting was rather stiff and amateurish.