Nimki (Sharmila Tagore) is the mortar that holds her fragile family together. She looks after her younger sisters, the mute, sweet Meethu (Shabana Azmi) and spirited Chinki (Kiran Vairale). Together the three sisters care for their aging Amma (Waheeda Rehman), a troubled, frail woman bordering on senile dementia. Geru (Sanjeev Kumar), an itinerant construction hauler in the family's village for a brief contract, rents a room from the family, and before long bonds of friendship and even love develop between Geru and the sisters.

Dhaniram brings a trucker named Gerulal to Jugni's house so that he can rent a room. Jugni lives in dilapidated house with three young daughters, all of whom are of marriage age. The eldest... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Namkeen torrent reviews

Hitesh H (au) wrote: Humor. Emotion. Performances. It's got all that and more specifically the innocence of children. Big ups to all the kids for a wonderful job. And Salman Khan for backing this project !

Jay D (kr) wrote: This looks and feels like it cost about the price of a blank 3 hour video tape to put together... which is ironic really because after sitting through this dross I wished I had spent the time watching one of those instead. The riddle of the film is just why it was made, who do they think will sit through it, who thought Vinnie Jones would be a good bit of casting for a journalist and how short for cash is Derek Jacobi that he could be persuaded to turn up and put in a dazzling performance as a piece of old ham way past it's act by date? Avoid like the clappers... the Mail On Sunday gave this away free months before it's general release on DVD so that should say it all. Unfortunately that meant that the film became one of the most watched British movies of all time - based on sales of the paper. I should think the first five minutes are probably the most watched in any British movie ever... shame they don't report the vast majority of those people all saying "turn this cobblers off, there's got to be something better on one of the other channels...". Watch it by all means, don't let me put you off... but don't say I didn't warn you either!

Vincent C (ag) wrote: Better than previous!

Jennifer Y (ag) wrote: The cast is very unknown, at least I have never heard of them. But it was a good movie never the less.

Hobie P (kr) wrote: As I recall Brittany Murphy's only slasher that was well played out by her character,may she rest in peace!

Reese J (it) wrote: It's good, but we all know how it ends.